What I'm Reading October 2014

What I’m Reading October 2014

Michael Cunningham is an exquisite writer, one of my favourites, but I'm struggling with The Snow Queen for some reason. Granted, I've only just started, but my interest hasn't quite been captured yet. Acute Misfortune: The Life and Death of Adam Cullen is a fascinating profile of the Archibald-winning artist, although I finished feeling … [Read More...]

What I'm Reading September 2014

What I’m Reading September 2014

The first book I read was Farther Away by Jonathan Franzen. Franzen tends to be a rather polemic writer and as I was reading I felt a kind of... tension within myself, from piece to piece, that was … [Read More...]

Ford Territory

Road Tripping

We've been away. When a very sick family member calls asking for you to come, you go. So we did. And now we're home, all down with a bit of a lurgy, but back all the same. I made a video about the … [Read More...]


The Creative Life – Lorelei Vashti

The ‘blog to book’ transition has become normalised enough that it forms the basis of many conference or festival panels around the country, featuring successful writers who went their own way or who … [Read More...]

notes to myself

To The Pharmacist Who Sold Me Baby Formula

This letter is the first in my 'Write open letters of thanks to people who have influenced my life' goal from my Living List To The Pharmacist Who Sold Me Baby Formula, It was a cold Saturday … [Read More...]

Geeky Fathers Day Presents

Geeky Father’s Day Present Ideas

Sci-Fi Magnetic Poetry Kit I love my magnetic poetry kit. The kids do too, but I don't let them play with it without supervision anymore because I got sick of finding little word tabs around the … [Read More...]


My Creative Process Ecourse For Beginners

Have you ever thought you would love to learn how to write a short story or poem but have no idea where to start? Do you want to improve your writing? You might even have a novel in you. Submit your … [Read More...]

Fresh Flowers

Fresh Flowers Want to Deliver {Giveaway}

I adore flowers. I've recently talked about how I've started to buy a rose for myself every week. I also enjoy giving them as a present, but admit that my track record of ordering flowers online for … [Read More...]

reading at game

The Weekend That Was

Do you ever sit down on a Monday morning to have a chat with a friend or write a blog post - such as this - and think back to the weekend that was and wonder to yourself, "Hang on, what did we do … [Read More...]


The Creative Life – Kate Larsen

Today is the first installment of 'The Creative Life' Kate Larsen is Director of Writers Victoria but she is also known by her writing name ‘Katie Keys’. It's the name I first knew her by, due in … [Read More...]

The Creative Life

Miscmum – What’s Next?

Over half a million words. This blog has come a long way. But I feel that it could go even further. Now the celebrations of the eighth birthday party have passed (the Xenomorphs took some … [Read More...]


What My 8 Most Popular Posts Taught Me in My 8 Years Blogging

The Xenomorphs have gathered and are ready to party! Hello! Have some virtual cake and welcome to Miscellaneous Mum's eighth birthday. I wondered what would be the best way to commemorate this pretty … [Read More...]


6 Health Cookbook Recommendations

Oh boy, this year I think I've cleaned out the library's selection of cookbooks that have any kind of relation to gluten free or paleo or whole foods in general. Some have been too extreme for my … [Read More...]