Au Revoir!

Hello! Here we are a few days out from our trip and I feel like I need to leave a few reminders and notes before I go. My life over the past few weeks has been led by 'to do' lists and meetings (why is March so busy?) and so, along the way, when people have asked if I've been excited about the trip, my honest answer has been that I haven't had a … [Read More...]

Erasure Poetry

How to Write Erasure Poetry

Let me first declare that I'm new to writing erasure poetry. I have friends who do it - very well - and I've always wanted to give it a try. Well, last month I did, results below, but first let me explain a bit more about erasure poetry. Here's a nice summary from Wikipedia: Erasure is a form of … [Read More...]


7 Tips for TMJ Disorder Management

This video has been a while in the works. I know a lot of people have TMJ issues or deeper problems - or don't know that they do, just wonder 'why is my jaw clicky?' and so on - and I compiled a list of 7 things (+ one extra!) that I do to help my own condition when it flares. Please note that in … [Read More...]

connecting with brands

How To Make Connections With Brands

  Many bloggers have the specific wish, if not intent, to make money from their blogs. Others come to this goal later. Either way, I think it still takes time for these bloggers to get the ‘lay of the land’ - so to speak – and discover what is working (or not) for those who are making money. … [Read More...]


Can I Help You With Your 2015 Blogging Goals?

To start, I'm delighted to be running my  Introductory Blogging course again at Writers Victoria. If you're interested in dipping your toe into this world, or know someone who does, it would be the perfect present to yourself (or them!). Here are the details. I'm giving you some advance notice to … [Read More...]


2014 Family Goals Review – and those for 2015

I know I'm a little late for doing a '2014 in review post' and, truth is, I nearly let this one languish in the drafts folder. However a bigger part of me wanted to acknowledge what we managed to achieve... and those things we didn't... in order to put a line under the exercise and move on. This … [Read More...]

Valerie Khoo Power Stories

Refining Your Story for Greater Success

  It's a thrill to be able to show you today a talk I had recently with Valerie Khoo and her business book Power Stories: The 8 Stories You Must Tell to Build an Epic Business. The longer I've been writing and blogging the more I've come to value the various ways that people can package and … [Read More...]

3 ingredient australia day damper dip

3 Ingredient Australia Day Damper Dip

I don't think an Australia Day has gone by without my making this damper dip. Although I have reservations about the day itself, and it's darker history and all that is yet to be done to remedy past wrongs, I do enjoy making this dip. It's a family tradition I'm happy to stand behind. Only out of … [Read More...]

What I'm Reading January 2015

What I’m Reading January 2015

Goodness, look at the date - I'm running late for my regular 'What I'm Reading' post. With the kids at home on holidays still, and my playing around with new video software, I've been preoccupied! Things will return to normal (or our version of normal!) next week when school goes back. So - … [Read More...]

novel writing tips

Writing Novels: Tips and Process – an interview with Lisa Heidke

  I had the delight of talking to Lisa Heidke yesterday about her new book, It Started With a Kiss (purchase details at bottom), and here it is for you all to see. I have a resolution this morning to go buy a better webcam - the one I'm currently using is old (the one in my laptop doesn't … [Read More...]

things to see in dubbo

Things to See and Do in Dubbo

Places discussed in the video: Old Dubbo Gaol Village Bakery Cafe Shoyoen Japanese Garden Taronga Western Plains Zoo Running and cycling tracks   … [Read More...]

How I Made Money Blogging in 2014

How I Made Money Blogging in 2014

  If I have discovered anything since I started teaching blogging, it’s that I really enjoy sharing knowledge. I’m not saying I know everything – heck, the longer I’m around the more I realise there’s so much I don’t know – but the benefit of experience, over eight years, certainly helps. In … [Read More...]

melbourne cricket ground

Living List Tick – Go To A Cricket Match

Before I begin, I should explain something: the Living List goal was to go to a cricket match, and so it would be reasonable to assume that meant I hadn't been to one before. This isn't quite true - I have been to the cricket many times. My father was a cricketer. A fast bowler, very fast, very … [Read More...]