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Friday Celebrations #4

I'll start off this week's celebrations with the above picture. Readers might recognise this poem 'postcard' from my #miscpoetry project - if you click through to the link you'll see them all in a single post. Since then, they've been sitting in my drawer and I thought to myself, "What else can be done? How can I extend the project? Why would I … [Read More...]

pompeii fresco

Family Travel Guide to Mount Vesuvius and Pompeii

If you're staying in Rome, you might that think that a day trip down to visit Pompeii, and possibly even Mount Vesuvius, is an ambitious goal. You might even be told this by other people who've been there. Yes, it does make for a long 13-hour+ day and, yes, there are a few things that get rushed. … [Read More...]

What I'm Reading May 2015

What I’m Reading – May 2015

Here I am, squeezing in a 'What I'm Reading' post for May! I missed last month's due to being away and didn't want to miss another. This is an interesting turnaround because, looking back two weeks or so, it was looking like I wouldn't write this one either. I've been feeling a bit lost when it … [Read More...]

atlantis the palm

Atlantis the Palm, Dubai – a review

  Atlantis the Palm is one of the most famous resorts in Dubai - or, indeed, the world. For many travellers, you need only say the name and they'll know what you're talking about: that pink hotel with the hole in the middle, built at the tip of the Palm Jumeirah, with its very own waterpark … [Read More...]

anzac day 100th

Living List Tick: Visit Gallipoli (Bonus: on the 100th Anniversary of the Anzac landings)

Dear Karen, On behalf of the Australian Government and the Minister for Veterans’ Affairs, we are very pleased to inform you that your application for a double pass to attend the Anzac Day Dawn Service at Gallipoli on 25 April 2015 has been successful. You might recall my post from a year ago … [Read More...]

piazza del popolo

Living List Tick – Visit Rome: Part 2

This is the Piazza del Popolo (the "People's Square") and it was at this moment when Rome and I finally 'clicked'. I am high up on a balcony at the edge of the Villa Borghese. We'd had a fairly disappointing time until that point, but after a refreshing morning in the Villa's gardens I was starting … [Read More...]


20K by 20th June

I think it's fair to say that many writers and workers in the arts industry have been feeling pretty deflated since the Australian Government announced its budget last week, revealing huge cuts that are going to take effect. It's understandable; I get it. But one of the things I have always loved … [Read More...]


Living List Tick: Visit Rome: Part 1

I admit to feeling a slight... ambivalence... as to what laid in store for us in Rome. It's been on my Living List since studying the Judio-Claudian emperors in ancient history and watching old movies a child, all those 'sandal and toga' epics, full of fighting and chariot races. And, of course, I … [Read More...]

World Vision

Helping Efforts for the Nepal Earthquake

We were in Dubai when news of the first devastating earthquake in Nepal started to hit the television. I mentioned this over on my Facebook page, but I remember sitting there at breakfast at our five-star, sipping my coffee and nibbling on a danish pastry, watching BBC World, feeling out-of-place, … [Read More...]


Living List Tick: Visit Whitby Abbey

Then as the cloud passed I could see the ruins of the abbey coming into view; and as the edge of a narrow band of light as sharp as a sword-cut moved along, the church and the churchyard became gradually visible. Whatever my expectation was, it was not disappointed, for there, on our favourite seat, … [Read More...]

mitre square

Living List Tick – Do a Jack the Ripper Tour

When I was in Year 9 in high school, we undertook what was called a 'Visions' project. Each student chose a subject of his or her own and examined movies, songs, poems and more relating to this subject. From memory, it was our first truly independent venture as learners and as you'd expect we were … [Read More...]

lock bridge

Living List Tick – Visit Paris: Part 2

There were parts of Paris that I did a lot of research about ahead of visiting and there were others where I knew just enough to want to go, but left discovering the finer details until arriving. The Catacombes de Paris (or Catacombs of Paris) was one of these places. I wondered how the kids would … [Read More...]


Living List Tick – Visit Paris: Part 1

We emerged from our long, though blessedly uneventful, flight at Charles de Gaulle airport. I found a strong Wi-Fi connection as soon as I turned my phone back on. My data roaming was turned off, so I became a bit of a Wi-Fi hunter while in Europe - easy in some places, harder in others, but more on … [Read More...]