You might have seen this image in the media over the past week. If not, let me briefly explain: this is a statue of Buddha that has the 1,000 year old mummified remains of a monk hidden inside. The owner bought the statue without any knowledge of its secret contents - this happened in the late 90s, and only recently was the statue run … [Read More...]

What I'm Reading January 2015

What I’m Reading January 2015

Goodness, look at the date - I'm running late for my regular 'What I'm Reading' post. With the kids at home on holidays still, and my playing around with new video software, I've been preoccupied! Things will return to normal (or our version of normal!) next week when school goes back. So - … [Read More...]

novel writing tips

Writing Novels: Tips and Process – an interview with Lisa Heidke

  I had the delight of talking to Lisa Heidke yesterday about her new book, It Started With a Kiss (purchase details at bottom), and here it is for you all to see. I have a resolution this morning to go buy a better webcam - the one I'm currently using is old (the one in my laptop doesn't … [Read More...]

things to see in dubbo

Things to See and Do in Dubbo

Places discussed in the video: Old Dubbo Gaol Village Bakery Cafe Shoyoen Japanese Garden Taronga Western Plains Zoo Running and cycling tracks   … [Read More...]

How I Made Money Blogging in 2014

How I Made Money Blogging in 2014

  If I have discovered anything since I started teaching blogging, it’s that I really enjoy sharing knowledge. I’m not saying I know everything – heck, the longer I’m around the more I realise there’s so much I don’t know – but the benefit of experience, over eight years, certainly helps. In … [Read More...]

melbourne cricket ground

Living List Tick – Go To A Cricket Match

Before I begin, I should explain something: the Living List goal was to go to a cricket match, and so it would be reasonable to assume that meant I hadn't been to one before. This isn't quite true - I have been to the cricket many times. My father was a cricketer. A fast bowler, very fast, very … [Read More...]

book prize

Crying in the Car for $0.99c + Win a Book Pack! {Giveaway}

To this day I remain very fond of Crying in the Car. I'm fond of all three books I've produced, of course, but Crying in the Car, for its modest size, contains some very personally significant material and received positive reviews (extracts of some of these you see above). As I'm writing again, … [Read More...]

big hero 6

Would You Like To See ‘Big Hero 6′? {Giveaway}

Thanks to Disney, we were treated to an afternoon at the movies last week. It was still in that weird, almost surreal, period between Christmas and New Years, where everyone runs on a combination of almost overdrawn adrenaline and swings between enjoying the spirit of the time and just wanting it to … [Read More...]

chuck close

New Year, New Blog, New Beginnings

Welcome to 2015! I hope you enjoyed your New Year's celebrations and holiday season! How much pudding did you eat? We ate lots - Adam discovered this Belgian chocolate one and, my goodness, it was so delicious we went back and bought another! But, I'm not here to (just) talk about … [Read More...]

I'll Ride with You

Goodbye 2014

The tragic events of the Sydney siege earlier in the week has sent a potent reminder to not only myself, but I think the rest of the country, about the important things in life: to not take it for granted, to tell our family and friends how much we love them, to not close our hearts at such times, … [Read More...]

Art Aquarium at Melbourne Aquarium

Art Aquarium experience at Melbourne Aquarium {Giveaway}

This past weekend, we were guests of the Melbourne Aquarium to get a preview look and try-out of their new 'Art Aquarium' exhibit for the summer. This interactive experience, set up on a state-of-the-art screen, allows the young (and young at heart - see picture!) to create their own fish to then … [Read More...]

Shift Your Thinking To Change Your Life

Shift Your Thinking to Change Your Life

If you had asked me five or ten years, or even 12 months, ago if I thought I'd ever run a marathon, I probably would've shrugged my shoulders and said brightly, "Oh, sure, I reckon. Probably. Maybe. Pass me some wine, please." The difference between that Karen and me right now... isn't all that … [Read More...]

year of creative engagement

Year of Creative Engagement – November and December and Overall Summary

Extracted from original introductory post: The Year of Creative Engagement (#yoce) will be my attempt to document my creative journey, put greater stock in accountability and output, while also showing what new work I’m reading or listening to. My monthly book reports already feature here on the … [Read More...]