23. Waiting #nanowrimoprompt

22. Waiting Violet squatted awkwardly over the toilet seat, tilting her pelvis to angle the urine stream with as much precision as possible. She uncapped the stick and stuck it in the flow, taking care not to splash her fingers. This was a skill, she'd discovered. One nobody told you about. It was her third morning of testing - third time's a … [Read More...]

Fresh Promotions President Metal Pen

Fresh Promotions President Metal Pens {Giveaway}

If you have a business or a project that could do with some additional promotional power, then read on – today’s post could end up being an early Christmas present! New website sponsor, Fresh … [Read More...]


Family Vignettes

  Adam is away visiting his sick mother this week. The kids and I are here, performing our usual daily tasks – routines so often provide a kind of buffer or safety zone, at least until someone … [Read More...]

Tim Minchin

Dear Kids, Here’s What Tim Minchin Can (Help) Teach You About Life

I've got a crush on Tim Minchin. I'm a bit shy about admitting my crushes on here anymore, as if some part of me thinks that I ought to have outgrown that kind, or level, of admiration. Luckily that … [Read More...]

nanowrimo situations

30 Days of NaNoWriMo Prompts

It's that time of the year again. Writers are getting ready to sit down at their computers to smash out a novel, or as close to a novel as possible, over the 30 days of November. I've tried, and … [Read More...]

yoce sept

Year of Creative Engagement – September and October

To explain: The Year of Creative Engagement (#yoce) is an attempt to document my creative journey in 2014. By putting greater stock in accountability and output, while also showing what new work I’m … [Read More...]

What I'm Reading October 2014

What I’m Reading October 2014

Michael Cunningham is an exquisite writer, one of my favourites, but I'm struggling with The Snow Queen for some reason. Granted, I've only just started, but my interest hasn't quite been captured … [Read More...]

Race to the End of the World

The Creative Life – Allison Tait

October is release month for The Mapmaker Chronicles: Race to the End of the World, the first book in The Mapmaker Chronicle series, written by A.L. Tait. The adventure series is terrific for children … [Read More...]

tips on running a marathon

Tips on Running a Marathon

Perhaps the alternative title of this post should be 'How I trained for a marathon'. I'm the first to admit I'm hardly the perfect example of what excellence looks like. I only did three runs a week … [Read More...]

Melbourne Marathon 2014

Living List Tick – Run a Full Marathon

  This photo, of the MCG and sky in the first few moments of sunrise, was taken as we made our way to the starting line for the Melbourne Marathon. The weather was mild, the atmosphere relaxed … [Read More...]

dad and keira

Last Call for Marathon Donations

In three days time I'll be lining up to run the Melbourne Marathon - no doubt full of nerves, excitement and a healthy amount of trepidation! My training after the gastro, and then injury was going … [Read More...]



You stepped off the bus from Scout camp with a resolute, yet pleased, expression on your face. Careful not to come over to me until you were sure you had been dismissed (unlike your brother...also at … [Read More...]

ford territory titanium

Destiny in a Day Trip

Last year, I published the speech from my NSW launch of Crying in the Car. As a child, what was my desire? My ambition? Here's an excerpt from that speech. Before I even really realised what I was … [Read More...]