65th wedding anniversary

Happy 65th Wedding Anniversary

  On this day, 65 years ago, my grandfather and grandmother were married - in the same church Adam and I were also married in. Nan is recovering from her stroke in February, and was last week discharged from her rehab ward at the hospital … [Read More...]


Easter 2014

It was quiet. Very, very quiet. Thanks mostly to a combination of my not feeling particularly well, and a chilly change in the weather that, while expected and typical, always arrives with a adjustment period that can be hard. So we stayed close … [Read More...]

keira collage 2

My 2,000th post for my daughter on her 10th birthday

Age 6 & 7 Age 8 & 9 Dear Keira, As I approached my tenth birthday, I remember mentioning my excitement about the milestone to a neighbour. She shook her head emphatically and said, “You don’t want to grow up”. You’re on the cusp of … [Read More...]

School holidays

Cook, Swim, Library, Dance, Travel

What follows is a brief update as to how our make-your-own school holiday challenge is going. Cook Mistake one: buying an American packet mix without properly figuring out the conversion differences. Mistake two: buying a red velvet cake … [Read More...]

Monty Python Killer Rabbit Cupcakes Tutorial

Monty Python Killer Rabbit Easter Cupcakes!

No, you haven't accidentally wandered over to a cake wreck website. It's me, hello. Remember when I made Borg Cube Christmas Gingerbread? (If you don't, you should see it. Now that was a wreck. OF FUN.) Anyway, I've had this idea rattling around my … [Read More...]

Year of Creative Engagement March and April

Year of Creative Engagement – March and April Update

To explain: The Year of Creative Engagement (#yoce) will be my attempt to document my creative journey, put greater stock in accountability and output, while also showing what new work I’m reading or listening to. I bent to the will of the … [Read More...]

keira and riley


Explore: Day 1 of the 'Make Your Own' School Holiday Challenge We went down to our local creek bank to have a play. They weren't really keen on getting outside, but once we were down there I couldn't get them to leave! ("I … [Read More...]

autumn holidays

Make-Your-Own School Holiday Challenge

  It's the first day of school holidays in Victoria (and I think Queensland). Some other states work off a different timetable, so they'll be starting soon. I'm quite tired, and have been looking forward to a little 'down' time just as … [Read More...]

messy blogger

Slice of Blogging Reality

My home does not look like this. I don't read blogs that feature houses looking like this, or read the magazines either. There are people who drop a casual eighty dollars on a cushion, but I'm not one of them. Now, I don't have anything … [Read More...]


5 Things Happening Around Here Lately

1. Filling Out Passport Renewal Forms As we plan another international trip for 2015, I got out our passports to check when they expire - and good thing I did, because it's soon. The kids' are fine for a while yet. So we need new passport photos! … [Read More...]