Shift Your Thinking to Change Your Life

Shift Your Thinking To Change Your Life

If you had asked me five or ten years, or even 12 months, ago if I thought I'd ever run a marathon, I probably would've shrugged my shoulders and said brightly, "Oh, sure, I reckon. Probably. Maybe. Pass me some wine, please." The difference between that Karen and me right now... isn't all that … [Read more...]

21. Break Up & 22. A Phone Call #nanowrimoprompt


I will be using the last ten days of the #nanowrimoprompt to post linked flash fiction-ish, non-chronologically ordered, pieces here on the blog. I sat down yesterday and started plotting them out, and they felt like they were getting a natural connection. I'm not sure how this will go, but that's … [Read more...]

What I’m Reading November 2014

What I'm Reading November 2014

Wow, it's a big month for books around here. First there was the big Christmas round up and now this post! Next, I think I'll take a break from book talk for a while. Rest up and read - hey, that sounds like a plan. I've got a few on the go. Here they are. Fahrenheit 451 by Ray Bradbury is one of … [Read more...]

5 Books for Older Readers for Christmas 2014

5 books for Older Readers For Christmas

I know this says 'older readers', but I'm also aware of the range of reading skills that children can have. What might be deemed appropriate, either in level of difficulty or thematically, for example, will be different from child to child of the same age. So I've chosen the following based on the … [Read more...]

5 Picture Books for Christmas 2014

5 Picture Books for Christmas

While the days of my reading picture books with the kids are on the way out (*sniff*), as they now prefer to find and read books of their own choosing, I remain passionate about, and committed to, the wonders of picture books. Here are some choices for Christmas. The Wild One by Sonya Hartnett, … [Read more...]

5 Non-Fiction Books for Christmas 2014

5 Nonfiction Books

Not My Father's Son by Alan Cumming, $34.25 I can remember the first time I saw Alan Cumming - Goldeneye was on TV the other week and as I was watching it, there he was, as 'Boris', and it all came back to me! How I'd seen him at the movies, in Goldeneye, all those years ago. Then he was in the 90s … [Read more...]

5 Fiction Books for Christmas 2014

5 fiction books for Christmas

This is it! The annual week in November that I turn over to looking at what books are available for Christmas, gushing - as ever - at the sheer amount of goodies on offer. Here are my fiction recommendations.  Merciless Gods by Christos Tsiolkas, $24.95 Short story collections are certainly … [Read more...]