2014 Christmas Card Challenge

2014 Christmas Card Challenge

It's that time again! For those of you who are new to the blog, let me provide some context. I have a tradition at this time of year that aligns with my belief in giving back to the community. This is what I call the 'Christmas Card Challenge'. For each individual commenter who has left a comment since the previous Boxing Day, I will donate … [Read more...]

MND Ice Bucket Challenge & the Melbourne Marathon


I sent around the links to this video on social media, but neglected to do so here. Here I am, a couple of weekends ago, getting ice 'dunked' as promised after the marathon. (You might have to click through to see it.) Except, technically, this isn't the same link as the first one I circulated. I was really unhappy with the quality of the … [Read more...]

Last Call for Marathon Donations

dad and keira

In three days time I'll be lining up to run the Melbourne Marathon - no doubt full of nerves, excitement and a healthy amount of trepidation! My training after the gastro, and then injury was going really well up until about three weeks ago - I got sick and my body was throwing out some weird 'Hold on there, pull back' warning signals. I've … [Read more...]

Attention! It’s Christmas Card Challenge Season!


  Every year I try to do something in the spirit of giving back to the community; very important, I think, at this particular time when it is so easy to get fixated on what we might receive. This is why I created my Profits Promise back in 2008 and ever since I have held a 'Christmas Card Challenge'. It's pretty simple: for each commenter … [Read more...]

2012 Christmas Card Challenge

Those of you who are new to this blog this year might be wondering what the above means? Am I about to go on a stanley-knife-crafty-hot-glue-and-myriad-coloured-cardboard-card-making orgy? No. First, a reminder of this year's chosen charity. Taken from my introductory post back in January: I've been aware of The Starlight Children’s … [Read more...]

Can I Wear A Dress For Every Day In October (Again)?


October is Frocktober, the intiative begun in 2007 that has gone from strength to strength over the years, all in aid of support and advocacy for the early detection of Ovarian Cancer in Australia and raising funds for the Ovarian Cancer Research Foundation (OCRF). You can read more about their mission - written in an acrostic poem, got to love … [Read more...]

How The Second-Hand Clothing Industry Works

second hand clothing

I have the pleasure of being able to share with readers today an exciting 2012 ‘Thrifty Thursday’ partnership Miscellaneous Mum has made with Savers Australia – The Recycle Superstore. Over the duration of the year I will be occasionally posting about the internationally renowned recycled clothing and homewares store and discussing in a wider sense … [Read more...]

Run Melbourne 2012

run melbourne 2012

I've been feeling like I've needed to challenge myself to some sort of physical goal this year. This isn't only because I've put on two-and-some-in-change kilograms since Christmas, although I'd be lying if I didn't say that is a partial factor. My personal trainer dumped me about a month ago. Okay, 'dumped' is a strong word, but it was done with … [Read more...]