Living List Tick – Try Bikram Yoga


  Trying Bikram Yoga is one of the new additions to my Living List. It might seem more of an 'everyday' activity than something that is bucket-list worthy, but I've discovered that sometimes you need to elevate an act in order to give it attention or priority. This is what happened in this instance. A Bikram Yoga studio has been open in my … [Read more...]

5 New ‘Living List’ Goals

visit new zealand

Anyone who arrives home from holidays can be forgiven for wistfully looking over their photos of their time away and, having done so, head straight to the internet to check on their points status to see when they might be able to go away again. I think they can be forgiven because that's exactly what I did when we got back from Europe (once I got … [Read more...]

Living List Tick: Visit Gallipoli (Bonus: on the 100th Anniversary of the Anzac landings)

anzac day 100th

Dear Karen, On behalf of the Australian Government and the Minister for Veterans’ Affairs, we are very pleased to inform you that your application for a double pass to attend the Anzac Day Dawn Service at Gallipoli on 25 April 2015 has been successful. You might recall my post from a year ago announcing my name had been drawn in the ballot to … [Read more...]

Living List Tick – Visit Rome: Part 2

piazza del popolo

This is the Piazza del Popolo (the "People's Square") and it was at this moment when Rome and I finally 'clicked'. I am high up on a balcony at the edge of the Villa Borghese. We'd had a fairly disappointing time until that point, but after a refreshing morning in the Villa's gardens I was starting to feel better and this feeling swelled to a kind … [Read more...]

Living List Tick: Visit Rome: Part 1


I admit to feeling a slight... ambivalence... as to what laid in store for us in Rome. It's been on my Living List since studying the Judio-Claudian emperors in ancient history and watching old movies a child, all those 'sandal and toga' epics, full of fighting and chariot races. And, of course, I wanted to eat the food too. However, as our trip … [Read more...]

Living List Tick: Visit Whitby Abbey


Then as the cloud passed I could see the ruins of the abbey coming into view; and as the edge of a narrow band of light as sharp as a sword-cut moved along, the church and the churchyard became gradually visible. Whatever my expectation was, it was not disappointed, for there, on our favourite seat, the silver light of the moon struck a … [Read more...]

Living List Tick – Do a Jack the Ripper Tour

mitre square

When I was in Year 9 in high school, we undertook what was called a 'Visions' project. Each student chose a subject of his or her own and examined movies, songs, poems and more relating to this subject. From memory, it was our first truly independent venture as learners and as you'd expect we were all thrilled to be able to study stuff we liked. … [Read more...]

Living List Tick – Visit Paris: Part 2

lock bridge

There were parts of Paris that I did a lot of research about ahead of visiting and there were others where I knew just enough to want to go, but left discovering the finer details until arriving. The Catacombes de Paris (or Catacombs of Paris) was one of these places. I wondered how the kids would go down there, faced with all those bones; Adam … [Read more...]

Living List Tick – Visit Paris: Part 1


We emerged from our long, though blessedly uneventful, flight at Charles de Gaulle airport. I found a strong Wi-Fi connection as soon as I turned my phone back on. My data roaming was turned off, so I became a bit of a Wi-Fi hunter while in Europe - easy in some places, harder in others, but more on this in a later post. The terminal was smaller … [Read more...]

Au Revoir!


Hello! Here we are a few days out from our trip and I feel like I need to leave a few reminders and notes before I go. My life over the past few weeks has been led by 'to do' lists and meetings (why is March so busy?) and so, along the way, when people have asked if I've been excited about the trip, my honest answer has been that I haven't had a … [Read more...]

Living List Tick – Go on a Hot Air Balloon Ride

hot air balloon

  As you'll hear in the opening minute of the video, we were told to meet at Yering Station. In the time it took to get from my suburb over to Yarra Glen, as I passed (and was passed by) a surprising amount of traffic on the back roads of winery country, I had woken up a little thanks to the sip of old coffee that was leftover in the … [Read more...]

Living List Tick – Go To A Cricket Match

melbourne cricket ground

Before I begin, I should explain something: the Living List goal was to go to a cricket match, and so it would be reasonable to assume that meant I hadn't been to one before. This isn't quite true - I have been to the cricket many times. My father was a cricketer. A fast bowler, very fast, very good. A bowling record of his still stands at his … [Read more...]