Au Revoir!


Hello! Here we are a few days out from our trip and I feel like I need to leave a few reminders and notes before I go. My life over the past few weeks has been led by 'to do' lists and meetings (why is March so busy?) and so, along the way, when people have asked if I've been excited about the trip, my honest answer has been that I haven't had a … [Read more...]

Living List Tick – Go on a Hot Air Balloon Ride

hot air balloon

  As you'll hear in the opening minute of the video, we were told to meet at Yering Station. In the time it took to get from my suburb over to Yarra Glen, as I passed (and was passed by) a surprising amount of traffic on the back roads of winery country, I had woken up a little thanks to the sip of old coffee that was leftover in the … [Read more...]

Living List Tick – Go To A Cricket Match

melbourne cricket ground

Before I begin, I should explain something: the Living List goal was to go to a cricket match, and so it would be reasonable to assume that meant I hadn't been to one before. This isn't quite true - I have been to the cricket many times. My father was a cricketer. A fast bowler, very fast, very good. A bowling record of his still stands at his … [Read more...]

Last Call for Marathon Donations

dad and keira

In three days time I'll be lining up to run the Melbourne Marathon - no doubt full of nerves, excitement and a healthy amount of trepidation! My training after the gastro, and then injury was going really well up until about three weeks ago - I got sick and my body was throwing out some weird 'Hold on there, pull back' warning signals. I've … [Read more...]

To The Pharmacist Who Sold Me Baby Formula

notes to myself

This letter is the first in my 'Write open letters of thanks to people who have influenced my life' goal from my Living List To The Pharmacist Who Sold Me Baby Formula, It was a cold Saturday morning, and I was at the end of my tether. I'd gotten out of bed, dressed, and left Keira with Adam in order to walk to the chemist and buy a tin of … [Read more...]

Living List News – Visit Gallipoli

Anzac Cove

It had been a stressful week. That Friday was the deadline for two - significant - literary competitions I had been working on my manuscript really hard to meet, but I had fallen short of finishing. So I was deliberating on the wisdom (or madness) of submitting what I had done in the hopes that merit could be seen in the existing material. This … [Read more...]

Living List Tick – Make a Rainbow Cake

making a rainbow cake

It's Riley's eighth birthday today. He's only a tad older than this blog. I've chronicled most of his life here - in little pieces, that will become smaller, or at least more filtered, as time goes on - because it was important to me to tell those early stories to get through one of my personal lowest periods, and that will always be entwined … [Read more...]

Go Scuba Diving With Sharks? Tick!

scuba diving melbourne aquarium

I knew this was going to be the toughest living list challenge yet as soon as I saw the first dorsal fin cut the surface of the aquarium tank. It did a quarter turn to the right, then thrashed back, causing a little splash, like the shark changed its mind in what direction it ought to be moving. During the course of our thorough safety induction … [Read more...]

Re-Evaluating Life Goals – Why I’ve Altered My ‘Living List’


I am thirty-four years old. In less than six months, I’ll be thirty-five. Anyone who’s been reading this blog long enough will know I had a lot of trouble coming to grips with the big 3-0. A lot of this was because of: 21 – Moved to Melbourne 22 – Bought a house 23 – Got engaged; had a breakdown (rotten timing) 24 – Got married 25 – … [Read more...]

Bellinis & 1 Recipe a Week Challenge is complete – Living List Tick!


Look, I made a video! I'm very excited this Living List challenge is completed, but I'm also very tired. Lots of work to catch up on now I've returned from a few days in Sydney. I feel like I'm behind with the news. Do you have news? Tell me! This is recipe fifty-two of the 1 recipe a week for a year ‘living list’ challenge. (52/52). … [Read more...]