My 2,000th post for my daughter on her 10th birthday

keira collage 2

Age 6 & 7 Age 8 & 9 Dear Keira, As I approached my tenth birthday, I remember mentioning my excitement about the milestone to a neighbour. She shook her head emphatically and said, “You don’t want to grow up”. You’re on the cusp of your own tenth birthday, but I’m not going to say … [Read more...]

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School holidays

What follows is a brief update as to how our make-your-own school holiday challenge is going. Cook Mistake one: buying an American packet mix without properly figuring out the conversion differences. Mistake two: buying a red velvet cake with enough added red food colouring to stain … [Read more...]

Monty Python Killer Rabbit Easter Cupcakes!

Monty Python Killer Rabbit Cupcakes Tutorial

No, you haven't accidentally wandered over to a cake wreck website. It's me, hello. Remember when I made Borg Cube Christmas Gingerbread? (If you don't, you should see it. Now that was a wreck. OF FUN.) Anyway, I've had this idea rattling around my head for over a year to make Monty Python Killer … [Read more...]


keira and riley

Explore: Day 1 of the 'Make Your Own' School Holiday Challenge We went down to our local creek bank to have a play. They weren't really keen on getting outside, but once we were down there I couldn't get them to leave! ("I really loved this idea, mum!") When we got home … [Read more...]

Make-Your-Own School Holiday Challenge

autumn holidays

  It's the first day of school holidays in Victoria (and I think Queensland). Some other states work off a different timetable, so they'll be starting soon. I'm quite tired, and have been looking forward to a little 'down' time just as much as the children. In order to make the most out … [Read more...]

5 Things Happening Around Here Lately


1. Filling Out Passport Renewal Forms As we plan another international trip for 2015, I got out our passports to check when they expire - and good thing I did, because it's soon. The kids' are fine for a while yet. So we need new passport photos! Joy! Because they always turn out the best … [Read more...]



Oh, hello critters. It's been a few years, so I suppose we were due. But guess what? I'm wiser, the kids are older, and I'm going to meet you bravely. For those of you that don't die in the treatment, prepare to be squished beneath my fingernails. Those were the words I spoke to myself when I … [Read more...]

141 Words About 37th Birthdays (and Almost Half My Life with this Dude)

Karen and Adam

[Scene: Lounge Room. One spouse is sitting on the couch, quietly and happily watching television, enjoying the peace while it lasts. The other spouse enters, holding a cushion, and waves it under the first's nose.] Spouse Two: Smell this. Spouse One (pushing away the cushion): Go away, I don't … [Read more...]

Are ‘Affirming’ Wall Decals Undermining Parenting Confidence?

House Rules

Here's our brand new wall decal (or sticker, if you will). It was on sale at Catch of the Day a few weeks ago and on the screen, in the gallery with all the others, it looked cool, so we bought it. Pretty simple, really. People make spontaneous online purchases all the time. And we weren't even … [Read more...]

Living List Tick – Make a Rainbow Cake

making a rainbow cake

It's Riley's eighth birthday today. He's only a tad older than this blog. I've chronicled most of his life here - in little pieces, that will become smaller, or at least more filtered, as time goes on - because it was important to me to tell those early stories to get through one of my personal … [Read more...]

Birthday Season

minecraft pig

They found the coloured chalk in the cupboard, and like some magic talisman they've waved these sticks and made artistic dust on our driveway. We have officially entered birthday season: three in the next two months. Mine kind of sits at the end of the year; an ellipsis when it comes to the … [Read more...]