Christmas Gifts Ideas for the Exercise and Entertainment Lover (well, okay, me)

Karen Christmas

When asked what I want for Christmas I usually draw a big blank. I'm too busy worrying about getting gifts for other people sorted to even think about myself. Also, because December is my birthday and wedding anniversary, I've traditionally already been spoiled enough! However, this year, I thought … [Read more...]

Family Vignettes


  Adam is away visiting his sick mother this week. The kids and I are here, performing our usual daily tasks – routines so often provide a kind of buffer or safety zone, at least until someone hits peak tiredness and snaps. A thoughtless remark or stinging comeback can let out the positivity … [Read more...]



You stepped off the bus from Scout camp with a resolute, yet pleased, expression on your face. Careful not to come over to me until you were sure you had been dismissed (unlike your brother...also at said camp), you walked across the car park and I momentarily lost all perspective. Who was this … [Read more...]