Digging Up Skulls

bird skull

Two years ago, I wrote about an incident involving the death of three birds in our vegetable cage. They have been there for months. Back in April, when the weather was turning for the worse and there were enough scrappy leftovers from the summer harvest to prove tempting, we heard a tremendous commotion coming from inside the cage at dusk. Five … [Read more...]

28km (+ 1 year) later

yarra river

Do you know the mobile application Timehop? The one where you can log in and see what you were doing the same day a year or more ago? Facebook has a similar ‘memories’ opt-in application, too. These reminders are by varying extent cute or downright spooky, depending on how much you document your life and you see how much your children have grown, … [Read more...]

The Evolution of a Bedroom

The evolution of a bedroom

  In wanting to write this post, I've found myself at a crossroads. The number of times I've chosen to tell stories about the kids over recent years has dwindled, and this has been a deliberate decision. Of course, I could tell many, many more, but I am conscious of their opinions and worry about possible consequences. I always knew this … [Read more...]



Photo taken on our last evening in Venice   For weeks I've wondered how I would begin this first post after returning from the trip. Would I open by apologising for the longer absence than I had intended and then list off the excuses why this was the case? Or would I launch straight into a travel account, listing the places and things in a … [Read more...]

You Are Nine

Riley is 9

  Your bedroom floor is a battlefield of board game figurines in a series of poses from victorious to defeated. Littered nearby, cascading down beside the bed, are pages of writing fragments blueprints and designs that will one day “change the world”. But it already is changed. Everyday. Those “I am” and “I want” statements of … [Read more...]



Today is the 9th of March and sits between two significant dates (of course, every day of the year is significant for reasons big and small, momentous or otherwise): yesterday was International Women's Day and tomorrow is Riley's birthday. The older Riley gets, and the more IWD gets stamped into the awareness calendar, the more I've come to … [Read more...]

10 Tips to Calm Your Mind

10 tips to calm your mind

Life is frenetic and full of responsibilities. As someone who has suffered from anxiety for as long as I can remember, I can hand-on-heart say that we all need some help on occasion, as much as might think we're independent and doing okay. What follows is some methods I have used over the years. Some are more recently acquired, so I'm still … [Read more...]

A Day at Melbourne Museum

a day at melbourne museum and surrounds

Here's a video I made a couple of weeks ago on a picture perfect outing we took to the Melbourne Museum and then lunch afterwards. Below is more extra information about the places mentioned or featured. Hope you enjoy!   Melbourne Museum -  a family favourite over the years, where we saw both the Titanic and Tutankhamun exhibitions, … [Read more...]



  You might have seen this image in the media over the past week. If not, let me briefly explain: this is a statue of Buddha that has the 1,000 year old mummified remains of a monk hidden inside. The owner bought the statue without any knowledge of its secret contents - this happened in the late 90s, and only recently was the statue run … [Read more...]

Packing Light for Overseas – Kids Version

packing light for overseas

  Keira came along when I was shooting the video for last week's post about what I will be packing for Europe (100+ outfits and they all fit in half a suitcase!) and asked if she could do one too. Of course I said, and this is the result. If you stick around to the end you'll see how we managed to fit everything in. What neither of us … [Read more...]

Travelling Light Overseas: 20 Pieces = Over 100 Outfits

karen packing

  I've put together a fun little video today going over how we are going to be packing extra super light for Europe next month: 5 weeks, 4 people and only taking 2 regular-sized suitcases. Can't be done? Au contraire! (I'm practising my French.) What 20 Pieces Am I Taking? 1 pair of blue jeans (jeanswest)* 1 pair of black jeans … [Read more...]

2014 Family Goals Review – and those for 2015


I know I'm a little late for doing a '2014 in review post' and, truth is, I nearly let this one languish in the drafts folder. However a bigger part of me wanted to acknowledge what we managed to achieve... and those things we didn't... in order to put a line under the exercise and move on. This made me a little hesitant about making big family … [Read more...]