Not Going To Let NAPLAN Bother Me – Travelling, Family and School

family travels

  This photo was taken in the centre of Macau, while we were travelling overseas at the beginning of 2013. For new readers: we went over to Hong Kong - where Riley proceeded to break his arm! - as a sort of pilgrimage. Adam's 98 year-old grandfather lived there in the 1930s, smack in the … [Read more...]

RIP Robin

robin williams

This poem (my attempt at a villanelle) is a re-post. I wrote it eighteen months ago for someone. I can't write new words for fear of being nonsensical. My life has been touched by suicide. Just let me say this - if you're in trouble, please reach out for help. Please.   Restitution Don’t … [Read more...]

Notes to Myself

notes to myself

I just wrote 300 words without coming to any sort of point, so I’m going to start over and get to the matter straight away: crying. I’ve been crying a lot lately. I’ve done it ever since I was a child. What child doesn’t cry and scream, you ask? Well, quite. But I’ve always been able to summon … [Read more...]