Not Going To Let NAPLAN Bother Me – Travelling, Family and School

family travels

  This photo was taken in the centre of Macau, while we were travelling overseas at the beginning of 2013. For new readers: we went over to Hong Kong - where Riley proceeded to break his arm! - as a sort of pilgrimage. Adam's 98 year-old grandfather lived there in the 1930s, smack in the … [Read more...]

RIP Robin

robin williams

This poem (my attempt at a villanelle) is a re-post. I wrote it eighteen months ago for someone. I can't write new words for fear of being nonsensical. My life has been touched by suicide. Just let me say this - if you're in trouble, please reach out for help. Please.   Restitution Don’t … [Read more...]

Notes to Myself

notes to myself

I just wrote 300 words without coming to any sort of point, so I’m going to start over and get to the matter straight away: crying. I’ve been crying a lot lately. I’ve done it ever since I was a child. What child doesn’t cry and scream, you ask? Well, quite. But I’ve always been able to summon … [Read more...]

The one about running, and marathons, with the ‘legs moving’ thing. Yeah, not today.

sick bed

photo taken: 10.45am, fifteen minutes ago. Gastro is passing through our region like a horrible, vomit-strewn nightmare. Riley got a little dose last week, but nothing like what Keira and I copped on Sunday. We're still in bed today, see? (Although, by her eating cake, you can tell things are on … [Read more...]

Beach Reflections

keira beach

They are drawn to the sand as much as the water, fossicking among the treasures: garlands of ropy sea matter, shells and the odd gasping mollusc, probing its tongue around in the last moments of life, as if trying to determine where on earth it had landed. In their examination of nature’s … [Read more...]