‘Speak Out’ – Be Educated, Stay Safe {$200 Fuel Voucher Giveaway}

NRMA Speak Out

Did you know there are people who do all the right things after a huge night out - say, get a taxi or a lift home - and don't realise that they're still over the limit the next morning when they're about to hop in their car? A recent NRMA survey showed that only 18 per cent of drinkers could claim … [Read more...]

Online Shopping with Woolworths, $150 of WISH Gift Cards To Win {Giveaway}

woolworths gift card giveaway

  You might have seen the ads on television: as sponsors of Keith Urban's Light the Fuse tour this month, Woolworths is giving first time online shoppers the chance to win tickets to see Keith perform live and also meet him in person backstage. All shoppers need to do is register for their … [Read more...]

Keeping Your Family Safe Online {Giveaway}

trend micro maximum security

Trend Micro kindly provided me with the above software and they also are extending the opportunity for a reader to ensure their computers and mobile devices will be securely protected thanks to their Titanium Maximum Security. For Mac or PC users and valued at $99.95, you won't need to worry about … [Read more...]

Harris Coffee – How to Brew the Perfect Coffee {Sponsored & Giveaway}


Last year, Harris Coffee contacted me and organised a giveaway on this blog, along with sending us some coffee to sample for ourselves. I've not stopped drinking it since. Hand on heart, that's the brand I buy when we shop for coffee now. Harris are very proud of the way they roast their beans in … [Read more...]

Photobox Canvas Print {Giveaway}

Photobox classic canvas side angle

Canvas prints are still in vogue years after first becoming popular. My sister has them, so do cousins, friends - a whole lot of people except us, I think! If you're in the same boat, or want to make an addition to your existing collection, then this giveaway is for you. Photobox canvas … [Read more...]

Your Chance to Win a $200 Oneflare Voucher {Giveaway}

Oneflare iPhone App

Before I do a big reveal post on how our brand new floorboards look, I can’t help but smile and marvel a little about the appropriate timing of today’s giveaway. Oneflare is celebrating the launch of their new (free) iPhone app and I've been having a play to see what it can do. First, it has … [Read more...]

Bookworld Romance Book Pack {Giveaway}

Bookworld Romance Titles

  Romance readers rejoice - from the 31st March to 5th April Bookworld will be having offering discounts on their romance titles. Deals an discounts will be on offer every day of that week, so don't forget to check that out. To kick off proceedings, they have a special offer for … [Read more...]

Why Looking After Your Skin is Very Important to Me {Giveaway}

Cancer Council Sunscreen

My grandmother died from skin cancer. I was quite young, under ten, but that was plenty old enough for impressions and memories to gather for a lifetime: the blemishes on her face and arms, a Lazy Susan on her dining table with several of those ‘7 days to a week’ pill containers to divide … [Read more...]

MILO Challenge to Assess the Family Diet {Sponsored + Giveaway}

milo prize

MILO recently approached me with the task to assess a ‘day in the life’ of our eating habits, to examine where we’re going right, and where we might need improvement. In many ways, I've done this at what might be considered the best and worst time: we’re coming off the rich, indulgent feasting of … [Read more...]

A Year’s Worth of Cleaning Products? Sorted. {Giveaway}

Ajax products

We had family come and stay with us between Christmas and New Year. Such visits always demand a flurried and frenzied cleanup, and this occasion was no different. My regular cleaning habits are lax - to say the least - so when I went to open the washing tub door in the laundry, where we keep most of … [Read more...]

ASUS Memo Pad {Giveaway}

ASUS Memo Pad

I have my Santa hat on again today, so I'll get started right away. We were all excited to get our hands on the ASUS Memo Pad - particularly Adam, as he's been talking of swapping to an Android device for some time. I'd never used one before, I'm an iOS girl, and was curious to see how the … [Read more...]

20th Century Fox DVDs for Christmas! {Giveaway}

20th Century Fox DVDs

Guys, it's summer. HOORAY! I love December so much, and it's under a cracking start today because I've got your summer entertainment all sorted. Whether you want to keep them all for yourself, or be generous and give as presents (or both!), there's plenty on offer here. Just look! Let's … [Read more...]

Nanoblock – Getting Ready for Creative School Holidays (Giveaway)


School holidays are fast approaching. If you're like me, this means that you will be inundated with questions such as "What can I do?" and "I'm bored". However, thanks to this giveaway nanoblock, that situation will be resolved. nanoblock has been in Australia for almost three years. If you've … [Read more...]

Harris Coffee Celebrates 130 years (Giveaway)

Harris Coffee

Before anything else, let me describe the past 24+ hours. I'd spent the weekend getting organised for the week ahead, even going so far as laying out uniforms for the kids to last the duration. Trying to do everything so I could get stuck into some writing. Then, luckily, I caught a glimpse of … [Read more...]

Win A Custom Canvas Factory Print (Giveaway)


Have you ever felt that your house could do with a creative, vibrant and personalised touch? Do you have a spare wall that could do with some art? I have the perfect giveaway for you today thanks to The Canvas Factory. As you can see below, The Canvas Factory can turn images of your family and … [Read more...]

Blurb $100 Gift Vouchers (Giveaway)


It's no secret that I love books. I think it's also pretty common knowledge that I love making them as well. What I've not talked about - not for a very long time anyway - is the first book I put together, a family history of collected stories and anecdotes for my grandparents for their 80th … [Read more...]

Big W Toy Sale – $100 Gift Vouchers (Giveaway)

BIG W Logo

  Big W launched their annual toy sale online last week, to be followed in-store this coming Thursday (27th June). As part of their promotional campaign they released results from recent survey findings that were quirky enough to land spots on morning television to be discussed at length. … [Read more...]

República Coffee – Free Coffee For Five Months (Giveaway)

republica giveaway

It's no secret that I love coffee, or that I am (in)famous among family members for being a classic Melburnian coffee snob. However, on that count, in my adopted home city, let it be known that I have zero problem with the label. And today I'm giving five lucky readers a chance to be fully … [Read more...]

Logitech Ultimate Ears 4000 Headphones (Giveaway)

logitech headphone

This is a Mother's Day re-cap post, of sorts. However, there's something really cool on offer at the bottom, so it's even better for you. First, to yesterday. I deliberately didn't Tweet/Facebook/Instagram any of my present pictures because - for once - I wanted to keep them to myself; even … [Read more...]

Getting Organised With Martha Stewart (Giveaway)

Martha Stewart

Products from top right, clockwise: White Document Drawer With Inbox, White Martha Stewart Pen Cup, Blue Pocket Wall Organiser, Stack and Fit Stackable Inbox, White Magazine File, White Desktop Organiser, White Small Item holder With Lid   Hello, how is your Friday going? It just got a lot … [Read more...]