21. Break Up & 22. A Phone Call #nanowrimoprompt

I will be using the last ten days of the #nanowrimoprompt to post linked flash fiction-ish, non-chronologically ordered, pieces here on the blog. I sat down yesterday and started plotting them out, and they felt like they were getting a natural connection. I'm not sure how this will go, but that's okay! Creativity is messy! 21. Break … [Read More...]

Karen Christmas

Christmas Gifts Ideas for the Exercise and Entertainment Lover (well, okay, me)

When asked what I want for Christmas I usually draw a big blank. I'm too busy worrying about getting gifts for other people sorted to even think about myself. Also, because December is my birthday and … [Read More...]

What I'm Reading November 2014

What I’m Reading November 2014

Wow, it's a big month for books around here. First there was the big Christmas round up and now this post! Next, I think I'll take a break from book talk for a while. Rest up and read - hey, that … [Read More...]

5 books for Older Readers For Christmas

5 Books for Older Readers for Christmas 2014

I know this says 'older readers', but I'm also aware of the range of reading skills that children can have. What might be deemed appropriate, either in level of difficulty or thematically, for … [Read More...]

5 Picture Books for Christmas

5 Picture Books for Christmas 2014

While the days of my reading picture books with the kids are on the way out (*sniff*), as they now prefer to find and read books of their own choosing, I remain passionate about, and committed to, the … [Read More...]

5 Nonfiction Books

5 Non-Fiction Books for Christmas 2014

Not My Father's Son by Alan Cumming, $34.25 I can remember the first time I saw Alan Cumming - Goldeneye was on TV the other week and as I was watching it, there he was, as 'Boris', and it all came … [Read More...]

5 fiction books for Christmas

5 Fiction Books for Christmas 2014

This is it! The annual week in November that I turn over to looking at what books are available for Christmas, gushing - as ever - at the sheer amount of goodies on offer. Here are my fiction … [Read More...]

Love #nanowrimoprompt

6. Love #nanowrimoprompt

  My birthday is next month and I'll be 36 years old. Adam and I have been together since I was 18. Pretty soon - I won't calculate the timing, although I could try - there will be a silent, … [Read More...]


MND Ice Bucket Challenge & the Melbourne Marathon

I sent around the links to this video on social media, but neglected to do so here. Here I am, a couple of weekends ago, getting ice 'dunked' as promised after the marathon. (You might have to … [Read More...]

you are not so kind

#miscpoetry Project – Complete!

Friday was the final day of my #miscpoetry project when the last poem was posted to Instagram and Facebook. In case you're not aware of what the project was, it project began back mid-July as a way of … [Read More...]


2. Contentment #nanowrimoprompt

Sunday is not for rushing. Minecraft totems, protectors against the night, are cast aside; the blinds are up, and comics are for reading. I crawl into his bed for cuddles - finding … [Read More...]

Groot flower

1. Gratitude #nanowrimoprompt

The driveway was full of dressed up children, with faces white and bloodied. Some, barely old enough to walk, tottered around with their plastic pumpkins, reaching out to the shuddering skeletons in … [Read More...]

Fresh Promotions President Metal Pen

Fresh Promotions President Metal Pens {Giveaway}

If you have a business or a project that could do with some additional promotional power, then read on – today’s post could end up being an early Christmas present! New website sponsor, Fresh … [Read More...]