The Creative Life

Miscmum – What’s Next?

Over half a million words. This blog has come a long way. But I feel that it could go even further. Now the celebrations of the eighth birthday party have passed (the Xenomorphs took some chasing off!), I want to go in to detail about ‘what … [Read More...]

8 Most Popular Posts

What My 8 Most Popular Posts Taught Me in My 8 Years Blogging

The Xenomorphs have gathered and are ready to party! Hello! Have some virtual cake and welcome to Miscellaneous Mum's eighth birthday. I wondered what would be the best way to commemorate this pretty big occasion and tossed around a couple of ideas, … {Read More...}

6 health cookbook recommendations

6 Health Cookbook Recommendations

Oh boy, this year I think I've cleaned out the library's selection of cookbooks that have any kind of relation to gluten free or paleo or whole foods in general. Some have been too extreme for my liking - although I'm sure they have their fans - and … {Read More...}

family travels

Not Going To Let NAPLAN Bother Me – Travelling, Family and School

  This photo was taken in the centre of Macau, while we were travelling overseas at the beginning of 2013. For new readers: we went over to Hong Kong - where Riley proceeded to break his arm! - as a sort of pilgrimage. Adam's 98 year-old … {Read More...}

robin williams

RIP Robin

This poem (my attempt at a villanelle) is a re-post. I wrote it eighteen months ago for someone. I can't write new words for fear of being nonsensical. My life has been touched by suicide. Just let me say this - if you're in trouble, please reach out … {Read More...}

what I'm reading Aug 2014

What I’m Reading August 2014

  Preparing for our Melbourne Writers Festival seminar, I'm reading Reservoir Dad by Clint Greagen. It is engaging, thoughtful and oh-ever-so cheeky, very much like his award-winning blog. Another MWF guest, Dave Eggers, has a new … {Read More...}

Year of Creative Engagement Aug 2014

Year of Creative Engagement – July and August 2014

To explain: The Year of Creative Engagement (#yoce) is an attempt to document my creative journey in 2014. By putting greater stock in accountability and output, while also showing what new work I’m reading or listening to, I hope to have a richer, … {Read More...}

ways music can assist productivity

5 Ways How Music Can Assist Productivity

The first time I recall the music/productivity connection being mentioned, specifically as a tool to assist in studying, was back when I was in high school. I can still picture the stack of Enya and movie soundtrack CDs sitting beside my portable CD … {Read More...}

long run

“Just drink the barium”

What you see here is the remaining 400ml of the barium swallow I had to drink before undergoing a CT Scan two weeks ago. Ideally, you're supposed to gulp down the lot, but - trust me - that's a lot easier in theory than reality. It's part-orange, … {Read More...}

CBCA 2014 Shortlist 2

My Picks From The CBCA 2014 Shortlist

The kids' school had a book fair during the week and while I was there I had a flick through many of the shortlisted titles for this year's CBCA Book of the Year Awards. I only got to see a selection from the Picture Book, Early Childhood and Eve … {Read More...}

Goodyear dunlop tyres

What Would You Do If You Saved $500? {Sponsored}

This post is sponsored by Goodyear.   Adam turned to me last month and said, “I think it’s time we got the tyres checked on the car”. Luckily, I was able to get into a place straight away. As I explained my request, with a vague “I’m not … {Read More...}

books and writing

Tips to Encourage Reluctant Readers

  Like a silly billy, it's occurred to me that I haven't said, or linked to via a post, articles I've been writing for Essential Kids. I've been enjoying my time over there - it's a lot of fund writing about subjects I'm into like technology … {Read More...}

notes to myself

Notes to Myself

I just wrote 300 words without coming to any sort of point, so I’m going to start over and get to the matter straight away: crying. I’ve been crying a lot lately. I’ve done it ever since I was a child. What child doesn’t cry and scream, you ask? … {Read More...}

Crying in the Car Limited Offer

Limited Offer on Crying in the Car

As a special offer leading up to the Melbourne Writers Festival, I have Crying in the Car on sale for a very special price (and no postage!) at 40% off RRP. Click here if you would like to purchase it. I'd be happy to sign it if you like, just … {Read More...}


“Winter is not a season, it’s an occupation.”

If you've been watching the calendar as closely as I have, you perhaps will already have noticed that we've passed the halfway mark of winter. Of course anyone who lives here, or further south, knows that is absolute bollocks. The weather doesn't … {Read More...}