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Tips to Encourage Reluctant Readers

  Like a silly billy, it's occurred to me that I haven't said, or linked to via a post, articles I've been writing for Essential Kids. I've been enjoying my time over there - it's a lot of fund writing about subjects I'm into like technology … [Read More...]

notes to myself

Notes to Myself

I just wrote 300 words without coming to any sort of point, so I’m going to start over and get to the matter straight away: crying. I’ve been crying a lot lately. I’ve done it ever since I was a child. What child doesn’t cry and scream, you ask? … {Read More...}

Crying in the Car Limited Offer

Limited Offer on Crying in the Car

As a special offer leading up to the Melbourne Writers Festival, I have Crying in the Car on sale for a very special price (and no postage!) at 40% off RRP. Click here if you would like to purchase it. I'd be happy to sign it if you like, just … {Read More...}


“Winter is not a season, it’s an occupation.”

If you've been watching the calendar as closely as I have, you perhaps will already have noticed that we've passed the halfway mark of winter. Of course anyone who lives here, or further south, knows that is absolute bollocks. The weather doesn't … {Read More...}

Melbourne Writers Festival 2014 Session Picks

Melbourne Writers Festival 2014 – Session Picks

The program for the 2014 Melbourne Writers Festival is revealed to the public today. I was lucky enough to see it in advance and have been hanging out to share some of my picks for the sessions I particularly want to attend. It was hard to cull them … {Read More...}


Creating Office Spaces {Sponsored}

Let me begin by talking about desks. Back when we were at university in Bathurst (yes, this is how far I’m going back!), Adam bought a second-hand table from a charity shop that was located just behind his flat. This table wasn’t much to look at – … {Read More...}

diaphanous light

The #Miscpoetry Project

I've done a few teasers about this over the months, and there's been some delays, but on Friday I offically kicked off my #miscpoetry project. I'm the first person to say that social media can be used for creative/artistic purposes, so I thought I … {Read More...}

NRMA Speak Out

‘Speak Out’ – Be Educated, Stay Safe {$200 Fuel Voucher Giveaway}

Did you know there are people who do all the right things after a huge night out - say, get a taxi or a lift home - and don't realise that they're still over the limit the next morning when they're about to hop in their car? A recent NRMA survey … {Read More...}

What to do when stuck in bed

What To Do When You Are Stuck In Bed

(Apart from reading a similar tower of books like this, which looks awfully tempting.) Those of you familiar with my running past will know that apart from not being very fast - albeit persistent - I also suffered the misfortune of a sacroiliac … {Read More...}

What I'm Reading July 2014

What I’m Reading – July 2014

  It's been a good month on the book front, I've got to say. I nabbed a brand new copy of Michael Faber's Under the Skin from the library. First published a decade ago, the novel has had a revival thanks to the movie adaptation starring … {Read More...}


Harry Potter, Literary Tattoos, Awesome Book Dedications and More

  Did You Know About The Incredibly Moving Tribute In Harry Potter And The Goblet Of Fire? I didn't, and it is wonderful.   Still in Harry Potter world, 29 Times Tumblr Made Harry Potter Fans Cry All Over Again. THIS one made me … {Read More...}

5 cheap ways to boost your mood

5 Cheap Ways to Boost Your Mood

The winter blues are real, so very real. At least they are to me, I'm not sure how you guys feel. If you're suffering a dose of it right now, or could do with a general 'pick me up' then here are some suggestions for what I do to try to beat them … {Read More...}

work in progress

5 Things About My Work-in-Progress

My friend Laurie tagged me on Facebook with the above meme-of-sorts where writers talk about what major project they're working on, possibly also explaining and justifying any anti-social or reclusive behaviour that might be occurring while the … {Read More...}

winter miscmumhols

Winter School Holiday Challenge!

It's almost school holiday time again. (I know - whaaaaat?! Time is flying!) Seeing last time was such a success, I thought I would do another Make-Your-Own Holiday Challenge. A prompt for every weekday of holidays, to interpret as you like. If you … {Read More...}

sick bed

The one about running, and marathons, with the ‘legs moving’ thing. Yeah, not today.

photo taken: 10.45am, fifteen minutes ago. Gastro is passing through our region like a horrible, vomit-strewn nightmare. Riley got a little dose last week, but nothing like what Keira and I copped on Sunday. We're still in bed today, see? … {Read More...}