What Anxiety Feels Like


  1. John says

    So many points of resonance here.. with my Fam. The anxiety mirrored Beth’s ( my wife ) and the h.pylori my daughter’s path to intestinal health.
    I wonder if I could someday speak of this with you and offer support and lessons learned from our challenges, defeats & victories ?
    best wishes Karen.

  2. Super Sarah says

    Big hugs, I hope you are on the mend at least physically, the mental healing takes longer and is quite a journey. Last year both Amy and I were diagnosed with GAD, with elements of Panic Disorder and that chart from lost pen to DEATH mirrors how I think about many things in my life. It was heartbreaking to sit in a child psychologist’s office listening to her describing what was going on in my daughter’s head and knowing it was exactly what was going on in mine. On one hand I felt entirely responsible, on the other, completely vindicated. Its not my fault, its just the way we are wired. We are both so much happier and funnily the cognitive behavior techniques designed for children are actually way more effective for me than my grown up therapy was! Hah, I could theorize that is because I am immature, or I can face the reality that my anxiety started to manifest in childhood and was masked by many other things, I didn’t even really know that the way I thought wasn’t the way everyone thought for the longest time, even into adulthood. With post partum anxiety I was able to recognize that I didn’t have to feel like that anymore, I could ask for help. Take care of yourself xx

    • says

      A few psychologists I’ve been recommended to specialise in CBT, so I might give them a go, based on your good experiences Sarah! Big hugs to both you and Amy. Glad you’re getting help too xxxxxxx

  3. says

    After DPCON I went home and I wrote the post I had always thought about. I got up early one morning, sat outside and while watching the sun rise the thoughts and feelings which had been bubbling away inside me all poured out. I haven’t shared the post, and honestly I’m not sure if I ever will. Thank you for sharing your post. I have had a MPH for the past three years, and with the support of my wonderful psychologist and CBT I can now identify my depression and anxiety triggers and take steps to either reduce/avoid these episodes. I hope you are on the mend both physically and emotionally soon xx
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    • says

      Hi Lauren, thank you for commenting and I’m glad you wrote that post, even if you keep it to yourself, I hope it was beneficial to get it out. I’m also so glad to hear you’re on top of your mental health as well xxx I’m feeling better now than I was :)

  4. says

    I am also dealing with Anxiety and it really is not an easy thing to deal with. People think that it is just all in the head and if you try to not think about it it will all go away, How I wish that’s true. My anxiety also makes me think of the worst case scenario and even if I’m told that it is farfetched, I still find it hard to shake off the feeling. What I hate is when people think that I prefer to think that way, I want it to stop if could I would but I just can’t it’s not that easy. I’m getting better now though, I’ve been finding ways on how to manage my anxiety and so far I’ve found enough to help me get through rough times, but I’m still searching though I don’t think I can ever have too much. Thank you for sharing your story, I wish you all the best.

    - Abby

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