What I’m Reading April 2014


  1. Hi Karen

    We must have similar tastes. I enjoy Sedaris too. V. interesting line at times though between being ‘bitchy’ and funny. I don’t personally mind a bit of either. Think what makes it harder sometimes is that they are supposedly ‘true’ accounts. If it were fiction it would be considered simply a strong voice.

    I have The Weird on my reading shelves too. Looks like an amazing compendium. Love to know your thoughts. I’d imagine that when I get to it, I’d sample a few stories at a time over the course of a year or two or three.

    I still have to read the sequel to The Last Werewolf, so you’re well ahead of me but I loved it. So, once again, looking forward to your thoughts.

    Thanks for this. It’s wonderful seeing what people are reading.

    • I’m glad you like it Anthony, thank you :) I agree, we ARE very similar. I’m going on holidays next week, am looking forward to really getting stuck into The Weird then :)

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