It was quiet. Very, very quiet.

Thanks mostly to a combination of my not feeling particularly well, and a chilly change in the weather that, while expected and typical, always arrives with a adjustment period that can be hard. So we stayed close to home, watched lots of movies, and chipped away at that mountain that is Getting The House Ready For New Floorboard Installation (In The Areas Not Done Yet)(This part is already finished, if you’re interested).

But the kids didn’t care about any of that. They were only interested in chocolate – and chocolate they got.


A new thing we did venture out to try was geocaching – and we’ve got a bunch of complete converts now. In our local neighbourhood, on the tracks and paths, even outside our library, secret geocaches are there, waiting to be found. Treasures you’d normally walk right past. Here are the kids at the site of the first treasure, hidden inside a knothole of a dead tree, and found by Adam.


I’m going to get braggy and say I found the second one, which I did, and it was cleverly hidden, so I was strutting around thinking I was the heir and successor of Sherlock Holmes. Keira found the third and last of our expedition, thus putting the fire into Riley to discover some next time.

Cheap, active fun!

School is back tomorrow (for us) and my holiday make-your-own challenge was completed as of Friday. The kids really enjoyed it. I was surprised, but Keira – in particular – loves having structure, and so a little activity each day did her the world of good.

Here they are from left to right: Bounce (at Bounce), Draw (on iPads), Learn (how to reserve books at the library) and See (activities at our local YMCA on Good Friday).


Will definitely be doing that again!

I hope you had a happy Easter break x



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