1. Filling Out Passport Renewal Forms

As we plan another international trip for 2015, I got out our passports to check when they expire – and good thing I did, because it’s soon. The kids’ are fine for a while yet.

So we need new passport photos! Joy! Because they always turn out the best (meaning worst). My current one is pretty hard to top, though – it was taken when Keira was about six months old and we were facing relocating to the UK for Adam’s work. It never panned out, but I have the look of someone who is stressed, and a new mum to boot. The one thing that’s been good to discover is I can fill out the renewal application online, theoretically saving time there.

2. Packing boxes

We’ll be starting renovations soon (more on that later) and we’re getting ready. Or trying to, when the kids aren’t making sculptural pieces in the lounge room.

What the kids do with the boxes we've gathered for renovation packing. Helpful.

3. Diorama!

The benefit of having a second child at the same school as your first, and having said school repeat their curriculum, is that we can usually anticipate what’s going to feature after past experiences. And, lo, as Keira had to make a diorama in Year Two, so has Riley.

He chose to make a 60’s feminist bedroom.

Riley went for a 60s feminist-themed diorama for school.

I had a ‘okay, that’s going on the Parenting Mantel of Glory’ moment.

4. #humblebrag

Things I love: finding my book at the library with fresh drawings in the back <3

My local library recently purchased new copies of Surprise! for their branches because they others were getting worn (being read too much, maybe!) and I came across this one, with new pictures. Terrific.

5. New novel, printed out


It’s not finished yet. Current count is 35,000 words, so I’m about 2/3 of the way there. I needed to print it out for my benefit – I was a bit down it’s not finished, because I (was) working to a deadline of this Friday, so I thought having it in thick, physical form might cheer me up. And it has.

Back to work I go! Who knows, I could get it done: after all, Robert Louis Stevenson reportedly wrote Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde in less than a week. Precedents have been set!


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