Female human head louse

Oh, hello critters. It’s been a few years, so I suppose we were due. But guess what? I’m wiser, the kids are older, and I’m going to meet you bravely. For those of you that don’t die in the treatment, prepare to be squished beneath my fingernails.

Those were the words I spoke to myself when I caught sight of lice in Keira’s hair last week – after I got up off my knees from banging my fists on the ground shouting “Why, us? Why?” that is.

Okay, I’m kidding (just). But it was a daunting prospect, because she has long and extraordinarily thick hair. It took an hour-and-a-half to comb it all through, making sure I got every segment. But we got there without much complaint as I let her watch whatever she wanted on television. Naturally, this roused a great sense of outrage in my son, who demanded why he has never been offered such a privilege. Then I reminded him of the Great Chicken Pox Sit-In of 2013, while he was sick at home and Keira had to go to school. He went quiet after that.

There is an amusing parallel in this story, and that is last week I was also trying to watch Aliens. I’d never seen it before and had heard it was scarier than the first (although some disagree), but I kept getting interrupted. Or Adam would go to bed and leave me to watch it alone, and I would turn it off. I love scary movies, I just don’t like watching  them by myself*. So I was taking inspiration from Ripley with my can-do, rolling up my sleeves and getting the job done, attitude.

Fingers crossed this is the last of them. Otherwise I may not sound as optimistic!

*And I still haven’t finished.

Has lice hit your household recently? Do you have any fail safe secrets to getting rid of them? 


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  1. Shelly says

    It’s funny how on the weekend mum said to me “Mayonnaise is good for killing them’, and I had never heard of that, then 24 hours later I was watching an episode of the office when they have lice and everyone in the office sits with their heads doused in mayonnaise for the whole episode. An old wive’s tale I’d never heard, then twice in two days it pops up! I am behind the times. (Apparently it needs to be egg based-mayo? Not speaking from experience, though…)

  2. says

    I have been using a dab of Moroccan Oil in my girls’ hair for a few years now. They have not had lice since. Neither have the children of friends that I’ve suggested it to. Maybe it’s a co-incidence, but I’m too scared to stop!!
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