Time Is Out Of Joint


  1. I have no idea what it means but I remember it! Oh, and as a writer, you might want to click through to read my son’s writing (linked with this comment). I’m a bit proud of him.
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  2. The power of imagery- I felt the seasickness just reading through that first paragraph. Where’s a packet of dad’s Kwells when you need them? (I think my motion sickness has worsened as I have aged.)

  3. Lovely post. Such a shame you were unwell :( You did a great job speaking despite it though! Hope you are feeling completely back to normal soon :)

  4. Karen, I love this post! First of all I love that picture of the sky – that is amazing – and second, that opulence is not on board the ship, surely?

    But thirdly, yes, I think having the ‘why’ centremost in your mind as you write/plan – and that being “tto find and celebrate the meaning of everyday life, by telling stories and helping people tell theirs” – love it. I was just reading an article by a stay-at-home father about reading women’s literature (and how his reading has changed since he became a stay-at-home dad), who wrote “But being confined to that sphere, the sphere of domesticity, they also couldn’t help looking around and seeing some of its homely significance. They couldn’t help seeing that this world of messy children and dirty floors, of broken cookers and tight household finances, was also the real world. More real, perhaps, than anything else.” This, to me, is the same as finding those stories that celebrate the meaning in everyday life. It is so important, because everyday life is where we actually ARE.
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  5. The cruise looked like it was something that we all had to do. I do think about it and that I should have gone but work is so busy I worked all three nights on that weekend. My husband wouldn’t have enjoyed doing them nights by himself.
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  6. My favourite picture on your blog is the one of Shannon’s legs hehehe. Personally I would have liked to had asked him if I could just run my hands down his arm. Just once…. That wouldn’t have sounded stalkerish would it? LOL. Was a great conference, but I would have loved one more day just to chill out around the ship! :) xxx

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