141 Words About 37th Birthdays (and Almost Half My Life with this Dude)

[Scene: Lounge Room. One spouse is sitting on the couch, quietly and happily watching television, enjoying the peace while it lasts. The other spouse enters, holding a cushion, and waves it under the first’s nose.]

Spouse Two: Smell this.

Spouse One (pushing away the cushion): Go away, I don’t want to smell anything. That never ends well.

Spouse Two: Just smell it.

[Resigned to such demands after becoming a parent, Spouse One reluctantly takes the pillow and takes a hesitant sniff.]

Spouse Two: That is the smell of your feet.

Spouse One: No, that’s your scalp sweat smell. And, guess what, that’s what you use cushions for. I don’t think we need Benedict Cumberbatch to solve this mystery.

Spouse Two: It is so your feet.

Spouse One: It is not.

[Spouse Two retreats, mumbling ‘This isn’t over’.]



Happy birthday, Adam! x

Karen and Adam

Photo taken at his 21st birthday (I’m 19 here), held at the Knickerbocker Hotel in Bathurst, while we were both CSU students. Anyone wanting to know my natural hair colour, well, there it is.

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  1. Shelly says

    Genuinely wasn’t sure if you were spouse one or two in that scenario, but happy birthday dear brother-in-law xx

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