Are ‘Affirming’ Wall Decals Undermining Parenting Confidence?


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    I had a similar family manifesto up on my wall for a while but other than it urked me that it was slightly similar to chevron patterns and pineapples, and may in fact be uncool one day, I had hung the whole thing crooked so every time I looked at it instead of reading the words, I just saw a large crooked decal. I peeled it off and hung a stag head instead. Yes, I know. Besides the only one in my family that read the words was me and it just annoyed me that as a family we needed them

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    Back in my corporate days I worked in strategic planning (well one of my corporate roles was that anyway) – you know the type of thing I’m sure. Thinking up words to mirror organisational commitments & wishes. Vision statements. Value statements. That type of thing. We had the words framed and put up on walls all around. We had them for screen savers. In a way I like the idea. Writing down what you want things to be like surely helps achieve goals so everyone is on the same page. I think that translates to individuals and families too but I also know that seeing these things every day means you can just walk by them without giving them any creed. I have mixed feelings too is what I’m saying I guess. x
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      I know exactly what you mean – and I’ve written many of these word/done such exercises in my time. If we talk about them occasionally, rather than simply pass them by, we’ll see how that goes :)

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    I daresay a lot of people put up those ‘family rules’ signs to create a homey, old-school family environment. There are lots of them around these days. I don’t think many people expect every family who has the picture up to blindly obey every single rule. It’s nice. (Besides, can you imagine dad putting ANYTHING up on our walls? You know how tetchy he was with anything damaging the paint!! Love your work dad, rest in peace.)

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    As a teacher we’d put signs up around our rooms- motivating.. Not sure. I tend to think raft once sonethjng has been displayed for about a week it melts into the background & no-one notices it. It seems to me that family values & rules, if you will, need to be lived as examples and varied (rules) to take into account ages & stages of kids..
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    Hi Karen,
    Good point! How about when you put them up in the wrong order? My husband & I had one for our son’s bedroom and we put it up so that the saying now doesn’t really make any sense. Now, every time our boy has friends over we can hear him explaining that ‘mum and dad have no idea about grammar!’

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