farm picnic

Yesterday was the 5th anniversary of dad’s passing.

Truth be told, I was going to let the date go, leave it un-blogged here for what, I think, would’ve been the first time. And I might have – if my grandmother didn’t suffer a stroke yesterday morning.

I can barely imagine how the synchronicity of the events would’ve impacted my mother, and my grandfather, as they waited in the hospital to talk to doctors, waiting to see how she was faring. I can’t go in to many details, for I don’t know many myself, but last I heard last night Nan had eaten a little dinner and was settled in for what – I hope – would be a nice night’s sleep.

Tears have pricked the corners of my eyes several times this week and I’ve wandered about in a dual state of “Words|No Words”. I have them to say, but don’t know how. Instead I’m reduced to simplistic statements and cliche. I was only thinking the other week that finally, finally, I felt like I had passed through the worst of the grief.

Now I wonder if that is a load hokum.

Get better soon, Nan. We love you xx

Picture: Mum, Nan in the baseball cap, my sister and me, looking away from the camera. (I’m uncertain which baby cousin Nan has got her hand on.)


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