Decadent Frozen Bananas

Decadent Frozen Bananas

Ice-creams or icy poles become an attractive option during the summer heat. If you are a baker you might already know this, but bananas freeze well. So an icy treat can be created quite simply this way:

Peel a banana, cut in half or keep whole (depending on how much you want), insert a paddle pop stick (I used a kebab skewer in this case, but that’s less than ideal if you have toddlers) in one end until secure. Put in the freezer until firm and ready to be eaten.

The banana is dense and will be a fruity and satisfying snack. If you wanted to take it further, like I do, you can use a knife to spread thinly over the surface some hazelnut spread. Then, in a shallow dish, shake out some Milo and dip the skewered banana into it, coating it all over.


Frozen Banana

Spreading Nutella

Spreading Nutella 2

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