What I’m Reading November 2013


  1. Amanda says

    I have to say, I have troubles reading Wells. I have just finished The Invisible Man, and read The Time Machine last year, and can’t say I really enjoyed either. Mind you, the science stuff wasn’t quite as boring as in Journey to the Centre of the Earth, which was so hard to keep going with.
    Am now reading Women in Love by Lawrence, and not liking that very much either. Am making headway with the 1001 ( something more like 1370 or something! ) list though, slowly. Almost at 100 read, and at least 400 books either on the Kindle or book shelf, so very happy with that!

  2. Anthony says

    Hi Karen!
    Read Dr. Moreau years ago and loved it at the time. Of DC Pierre I’ve only read the Booker Prize Winner (Vernon God Little?) and really enjoyed that too. Oates is a marvelous technician but like you, I’ve only read her shorter work so I’d be interested in your thoughts on this longer work when you finish..

    I’ve just read Ocean at the End of the Lane by Neil Gaiman, which was a delightful YA novel (not normally my thing). It was reflective, nostalgic and sincere. I’m currently reading Vampires in the Lemon Grove by Karen Russell. I am a huge fan of her short stories and so far these have all been delightful. She’s such a fresh talent.

    • says

      I’ve read Vernon God Little too, and liked it. I’ve read other smaller pieces too. And I’ve got Vampires in the Lemon Grove on my bedside table! I liked her short story in the Best of the Lifted Brow I wanted to read more!

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