1. Good luck Karen x

  2. Seana Smith says:

    I always saythat I love flying… and in many ways I do… love airports and going places and relaxing watching movies – the joys of older children. BUT… when I think about what that plane is actually doing… it does freak me out… to be up in a large cigar box. I always grip the kids hands when we land, just in case. Glad you walked away that anxiety and made the decision to listen to the inner voice and write fiction. My anxiety is always about overwhelm, which is always self-induced… and a walk in the bush always helps a lot.

  3. I can totally relate to this type of anxiety Karen and call it my “stepping out angst” because it often shows up when I am about to start a new project or make a life-changing decision. Meditating usually sorts me out but I believe it’s far more common than we think. Good luck with the book :-) Tehmina

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