Harris Coffee Celebrates 130 years (Giveaway)

Harris Coffee

Before anything else, let me describe the past 24+ hours.

I’d spent the weekend getting organised for the week ahead, even going so far as laying out uniforms for the kids to last the duration. Trying to do everything so I could get stuck into some writing.

Then, luckily, I caught a glimpse of Riley as he was wriggling his way into his school T-shirt. As his arms were over his head, he turned his back and there, down his right side, were spots. Not many, and I might have missed them completely if it wasn’t apparent he’d been scratching them during the night and some were red raw.

Chickenpox has been going through his grade.

I put two and two together and got OH THE NOES.

Apart from a slight temperature, and a runny nose, he is quite okay and is thrilled to be getting the time off school. Hopefully, seeing it’s a mild case, he’ll be back soon.

What does this have to do with coffee?

Because I was up at 4am, and saw the Doctor Who reveal (I didn’t get up to see it – I just couldn’t sleep), and I’ve been all out of whack anyway, I was tired and escaped from the house long enough to go down to check my post office box. And there, perfect timing, was a package. A box full of Harris Coffee to try out. Like manna from the sleep-deprived heavens. It made an otherwise trying day much more tolerable.

And because this makes us rather house-confined at the moment, I was interested to read in their recent survey results that an average barista coffee drinker spends $597 each year whereas an average ground coffee drinker only spends $66. (This would put me in the ‘above average’ category then as we spend much more on beans to grind at home.) I am also one of 3.5 million who start their day “disgruntled” if we don’t get a coffee. They say ‘disgruntled’, although I’d use stronger language than that!

This is in relation to the occasion that Harris Coffee have just celebrated their 130th anniversary. That’s quite a legacy! And today I’ve got a coffee pack to giveaway. Here’s the contents:

It includes  a Bodum travel mug ($60), engraved ‘Coffee obsessed’ antique spoon ($10), coffee candle ($26.95), 500g Harris Premium coffee beans ($11.97), 200g Harris Black label ground coffee ($6.93),
 200g Harris Reserve Colombian coffee ($7.19) and 200g Harris Espresso ground coffee ($6.93). Total value comes to a whisker under $130.

That should keep caffeine lovers going for a while!

Giveaway rules

1) You must be an Australian resident.
2) To enter you can enter one of the 2 ways below, or both if you like (a maximum of 2 entries):

Leave a comment saying what kind of week or situation you’re going through at the moment that a nice cup of coffee would be a nice break from.[1 entry]
Tweet the link to this post (button at bottom of post) and come back to leave the Tweeted link here (so I can verify).[1 entry]

3) This competition will close at 5pm Tuesday 27 August.
4) If contact cannot be made with the winner I reserve the right to draw another.
5) The winner will be determined by a random number generator.

Thanks Harris Coffee! Back to the sick boy I go…


Note: this competition has now ended. Good luck.

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  1. Michelle V says

    Three children all sick with gastro means I’ve been run off my feet!
    Thanks for the opportunity to win!!

  2. says

    We started the week with gastro for Evelyn, who is also teething. Last night, she was awake every forty minutes to cry sadly into the crook of my neck, before deciding that our day needed to start at 6am. At which point the other two kids realised I was awake and jumped all over me.

    Amy was late for school because apparently it takes 20 minutes to locate a school dress (that I’d laid out for her) and pull it over your head. And I just want to sit down with my book for twenty minutes and pretend no one needs me.

  3. sapna says

    I have two kids under five and both have eczema – which has increased his week with lots of itching ,scratching and crying & I seriously need a break from this…

  4. Mary Preston says

    I have hayfever at the moment. Our national floral emblem, the wattle, is just about killing me. A lovely cup of coffee would hit the spot.

  5. says

    Oh I feel your pain, being all prepared and them Wham! Life interferes, in the guise – as usual – of a sick child. My seven year old had chicken pox at the end of last term, and then my 3 yo got it for the holidays. Both fairly mildly though, luckily.

    I’m not going to enter your giveaway today, but can I just say $66 per year? really? I don’t drink that much coffee (I don’t think) but I’m sure we spend at least four times that.

    And Peter Capaldi, what do you think?
    Kirsten McCulloch recently posted..Green Materials for Remodeling your KitchenMy Profile

  6. says

    Chicken pox at your school too huh. We’ve had a few cases and I’m watching my girls like a hawk.

    My week’s been a bit crazy, it is my birthday of Friday and I’ve decided to celebrate all week, this meant getting up early Monday for the Doctor Who announcement, a photo shoot with Ulyana that same day. Tuesday was two movies back to back, followed by a 4 hour meltdown from 8yo due to changes at school. Wednesday was my day off, so I spent it at school doing P&F work and another movie that night. Today is coffee with friends, tomorrow is the actual birthday so coffee and lunch with more friends and Saturday is high tea with my husband at the Windsor.

    So much socialising is a little exhausting for someone who prefers the company of a good book to people. Coffee is a must.
    Marita recently posted..A really lovely SundayMy Profile

  7. AmberB says

    I been struggling financially at the moment which is very stressful. I could really do with a some good news and pampering.

  8. Jennifer B. says

    It’s not the end of the world… I’m gardening in the winter cold today. A great, hot Harris coffee is just what I need to reinvigorate me to finish the job.