Harris Coffee

Before anything else, let me describe the past 24+ hours.

I’d spent the weekend getting organised for the week ahead, even going so far as laying out uniforms for the kids to last the duration. Trying to do everything so I could get stuck into some writing.

Then, luckily, I caught a glimpse of Riley as he was wriggling his way into his school T-shirt. As his arms were over his head, he turned his back and there, down his right side, were spots. Not many, and I might have missed them completely if it wasn’t apparent he’d been scratching them during the night and some were red raw.

Chickenpox has been going through his grade.

I put two and two together and got OH THE NOES.

Apart from a slight temperature, and a runny nose, he is quite okay and is thrilled to be getting the time off school. Hopefully, seeing it’s a mild case, he’ll be back soon.

What does this have to do with coffee?

Because I was up at 4am, and saw the Doctor Who reveal (I didn’t get up to see it – I just couldn’t sleep), and I’ve been all out of whack anyway, I was tired and escaped from the house long enough to go down to check my post office box. And there, perfect timing, was a package. A box full of Harris Coffee to try out. Like manna from the sleep-deprived heavens. It made an otherwise trying day much more tolerable.

And because this makes us rather house-confined at the moment, I was interested to read in their recent survey results that an average barista coffee drinker spends $597 each year whereas an average ground coffee drinker only spends $66. (This would put me in the ‘above average’ category then as we spend much more on beans to grind at home.) I am also one of 3.5 million who start their day “disgruntled” if we don’t get a coffee. They say ‘disgruntled’, although I’d use stronger language than that!

This is in relation to the occasion that Harris Coffee have just celebrated their 130th anniversary. That’s quite a legacy! And today I’ve got a coffee pack to giveaway. Here’s the contents:

It includes  a Bodum travel mug ($60), engraved ‘Coffee obsessed’ antique spoon ($10), coffee candle ($26.95), 500g Harris Premium coffee beans ($11.97), 200g Harris Black label ground coffee ($6.93),
 200g Harris Reserve Colombian coffee ($7.19) and 200g Harris Espresso ground coffee ($6.93). Total value comes to a whisker under $130.

That should keep caffeine lovers going for a while!

Giveaway rules

1) You must be an Australian resident.
2) To enter you can enter one of the 2 ways below, or both if you like (a maximum of 2 entries):

Leave a comment saying what kind of week or situation you’re going through at the moment that a nice cup of coffee would be a nice break from.[1 entry]
Tweet the link to this post (button at bottom of post) and come back to leave the Tweeted link here (so I can verify).[1 entry]

3) This competition will close at 5pm Tuesday 27 August.
4) If contact cannot be made with the winner I reserve the right to draw another.
5) The winner will be determined by a random number generator.

Thanks Harris Coffee! Back to the sick boy I go…


Note: this competition has now ended. Good luck.


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