What I’m Reading May 2013

What I'm Reading May 2013

As I’m writing this, I’m coming off the first four days of the Emerging Writers’ Festival, pacing myself for the next seven (today included), and my brain is what might be kindly described as ‘numb’ or ‘depleted’. Still, I suppose, looking at things from another angle, it has increased the daily commute about ten-fold, thus giving me more time on the train to read (when I’m not having a kip). So, what am I reading? The above. I’m enjoying Cate Kennedy’s short stories – as ever – but I must admit I’m a bigger fan of her poetry. I’ve long admired Josephine Rowe; her dedication to, and work in, short form prose is truly something. I’d love to try applying something similar to this blog. I’ve been thinking about it for a while – today isn’t really the best time to go into this, for time reasons and the brain-jelly factor – and I’ve been thinking that a lot of the writer/bloggers in the community who’ve made it onto publisher and media radars is because they made a commitment to some sort of creative project and kept it up. As an example, there’s Chris Currie, who posted a new short story on his blog Furious Horses every day for a year. Not quite sure I have that in me, though! That seems like a gargantuan task! Not that I’d commit to a project with the main focus of getting onto anyone’s ‘radar’ either – it would need to come from a place of authenticity and passion. Anyway, another day.

I was enjoying Dessaix all the way up to page 47 when I read this:

You may be wondering why Montaigne didn’t talk to his wife, whom he married when La Boétie died, faute de miex, but the thought never occurred to him – and would no doubt have left her nonplussed as well. No, no – you talk about the things that matter to an equal, not your wife.”

He was channeling Montaigne’s point-of-view in that second sentence (or at least I hope so), but, still, those sorts of sexist remarks make me wince.


Some (mediocre) Emerging Writers’ Festival Pictures


Town Hall – 7 enviable lines

Federation Square on Opening Gala Night


What are you reading this month? Are you planning on coming to any EWF events? (If not already?)

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