‘To Do’

No, it should actually read ‘What I Want to Do When I Have the Chance to Do It, at an Unspecified Time in the Future, which Isn’t – In Fact – Important Enough for Me to Get Started on Right Now’.

So, I should really say ‘Wish List’?

Well, that doesn’t inspire a healthy state of optimism, does it? It’s the spirit-sibling to ‘I Wish’.

Fine, anything. Write anything, call it anything, so long as it means you’re getting words out of your brain. It’s positive action.

Look at me! So I am!

Okay, what am I going to call this list? ‘To Do’ after all?

Sure. ‘To Do’.

See that wasn’t so hard.

I suppose not.

And here’s a shitty flower for your efforts.

Wow. Thanks.

Put that on the list: ‘Learn to Draw Better’.

Excellent idea.


And that is how I began planning for the second half of 2013.


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