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  1. AmberB says

    I remember getting lice often when I was a kid – for some reason they LOVED my head. My mum spent a small fortune on products :(

  2. Sharon says

    Worst experience I ever had was discovering my daughter had them for the first time when she was nearly 6! She had very long hair, was absolutely riddled with them, we were in a bad heatwave and I was about 37 weeks pregnant, for some reason I did all the combing through her hair outside because it was much easier to see the nits! Horrible horrible experience!!

  3. says

    2nd day of school this year I got a notice, headlice in both my daughters classes.

    8yo has sensory processing disorder and screams the house down if I so much as touch her hair with a comb. This time at least I remembered to give the neighbours a heads up before hand so I wasn’t getting concerned citizens knocking on the door asking if everything was okay.

    Both girls hair was checked and upon discovery of live adult lice in the 9yo hair we were all treated.

    Imagine my horror when only a week later we receive a notice that there is lice in every grade at school! I wanted to shave all our heads there and then!
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  4. Eve says

    Oh the pain of it all! My daughter’s 2nd week at kindie and We have them already. Arrgh – it is horrible having long curly hair. Too many places to hide. I agree with this article – definitely needs to be discussed amongst parents and how to rid ourselves of them

  5. Michelle V says

    Last year, three of my daughters got nits all at the same time.
    It was an absolute nightmare!!!
    One has hair down to her bottom, and it was torture trying to comb through it every day with conditioner to remove them.
    My other daughter has anxiety issues, and doesn’t like to be touched, so you can imagine how difficult it was to get her to co-operate.
    And the youngest is just 2, so she wouldn’t keep still!!
    It was a really awful experience an dI hope we don’t experience it again for a long time!

  6. says

    I remember the lice-cycle from when I was a kid. My sister would start scratching, there would be a head check and then out came the stinky horrible chemicals that felt like it was burning off your scalp. I could never work out why I was being punished for her lice as I was treated when she was despite never having any. Now as a parent, I am frequently doing nit checks for family, friends and neighbours, my one and only super power seems to be spotting nits from a mile away!

  7. Effie Bakkalis says

    When I was a new mum, I was very naïve about head lice and really had no idea! When my son was in Prep, he came home from school one day and had an itchy head. I just assumed it was a heat rash or dandruff, and made him shower more regularly in order to soothe the scalp. Little did I know that the poor little man had head lice! He suffered for about a fortnight, and then we received a notice from the primary school informing all parents that there was an outbreak in the class. OMG, was I feeling guilty as hell! My son was so patient, and suffering in silence all this time! I bought all the gear (solutions and combs) and treated him straight away.
    From then on, I have been vigilant with both my children. Thank God there are brilliant products like MOOV available to us. I can’t imagine how hard it would’ve been in the dark ages to try to kill these annoying creatures!