Day 3

Broken arm and hospital

Days 4 & 5

As you can see, I was a little tired …

After hospital

… and yet, we pressed on! Saturday afternoon was spent wandering around the central district of Hong Kong.

The biggest I had for wanting to explore Hong Kong, why I put it on my living list in the first place, is because Adam’s grandfather lived here in the years 1928 – 1936. Adam’s grandfather is 95 now, and we wanted to go over and experience it so we can talk to him about the place with a bit of insight. We’ve been told lots of wonderful stories, and some more eye-raising ones (like him once witnessing the shooting of a smuggler while on a ferry over to Kowloon). He returned to Australia in the mid-30s with the threat of war looming. He gave us his old street address and we wandered around, trying to find the approximate location (the windy streets can be tricky), before filming the spot we think is right – these lamp posts you see here are very old, dating back to the late 1800s.

Here it is, if you’re curious.


The following day we got up to take a tram up to Victoria Peak, as the lines the previous day were too long (big tip: get there early). Apparently the tram ride to the top of the peak is only eight minutes long, but it feels a hell of a lot longer than that when you’re on what seems to be an impossible – not to mention dangerous – angle! The tram had to stop for a minute or so at a signal station, and there were a few nervous faces around the tram, I can tell you, especially when your hair feels like its dangling backwards, due to the steepness of the gradient.

Once at the top, the view is breathtaking – even if you’re not lucky enough to get a clear day (as we didn’t). I have big problems with the kids going near glass at a height (remind me to tell the story of my panic attack on the Skydeck one of these days. Oh, I’m a riot) so I stood well back while Adam got a shot.

Victoria Peak
His picture

My picture

We went to the Science Museum on our last afternoon and we spent a good deal of time in there. I really enjoyed the ‘Julius Caesar – Military Genius and Mighty Machines‘ exhibition and the best part it was only a few blocks walk from our hotel. I would’ve loved to have gone to the art museum, but there just wasn’t enough time.

Hong Kong

City scape

Panorama of HK Island


All in all, I had a really good time – although, if I’m honest, I’m not the world’s biggest shopper and this city is made for shoppers; it’s serious about money. For example, on the television was a children’s infomercial about the benefits, and tips for, budgeting and good money sense. At first I thought that was a little weird but upon reflection thought it was a great idea. It’s something they should learn early.

I wish we’d gone out to Lantau island (apart from the Disneyland part) and explored that, and we might’ve if we hadn’t lost that day, but all the same, it was an amazing taste and if anything provided more reason to go back!

Next time: Macau


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