I was recently asked to test out the new Yellow Pages IOS application, which has been released in conjunction with some research they have done that shows how much Australia procrastinates – 53% of respondents admitted they put off jobs at home or work, for starters.

Now, as you may know, we are currently holidaying at the beach. This little fact has seen me ratchet up my own propensity to procrastinate (even on the little things like, say, feeding the children) to 100%. Beyond 100%, if that were possible.

Although, if I’m being honest, I am an old hand at putting stuff off: not ‘big’ things, just the everyday, ordinary mucky or boring chores (read: housework). This becomes a problem on the days I’m at home and trying to write as then these two worlds collide and I get so distracted by one or the other I eventually end up leaving the house altogether.

When the kids were little (2007 – yes! THAT LONG AGO), I even wrote a post about this subject:

How to procrastinate in 13 easy steps

1. You set up the laptop on the kitchen table.

2. You open your media player and play a couple episodes of The Daily Show with Jon Stewart, even though you could’ve played them while children were awake – although you should think twice about it, for the swearing – but you forgot you’d even downloaded them until now.

3. You then open a book you’re reading desperately so you can then read the ten others you’ve got waiting, so you can return those to the library, to get more.

4. You can’t remember what work it was you were supposed to be doing.

Read more here.


So you might say I am the perfect test candidate!

Given any opportunity to test a tech product, not to mention the fact he is a professional coder himself, Adam also had a play with the app, both on the iPhone and the iPad. He was happy with its functionality and impressed at how well-coded it was, particularly with the way it displayed results immediately while still processing, and its predictive searches.

Here’s an example of what return we got when we were looking for a certain place to go for dinner.


Depending on how connected a business is to the online world (website, provided contact email addresses etc) will vary from business to business, as anyone who uses Yellow Pages will attest to knowing, but when using the iPad – as we did above – the ability to share that information via text or email is super handy. In many cases, such as ours, a phone number and address is sufficient.

The ability to have a map for reference, or get directions as needed, will no doubt be a boon. Especially for those in places away from home.

On the iPhone, of course, you have that added benefit of pressing a button to ring a business then and there. I chose Embiggen Books above as an example because a) they’ve got Crying in the Car stocked at the moment and are really supportive and b) to show it is also integrated with Yelp, the review and recommendation site that is huge in America and is growing steadily in Australia, where users post about their shopping (or eating) experiences.

With more than two million local businesses listed, it’s a comprehensive assistant and tool to get jobs done. And at this time of the year, holidays or not, I need all the help I can get. Plus – the app is free!

Disclosure: I received an iPhone 5 from Yellow Pages to test this application, to then keep. 


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