Ten Years, And He Asks for a Freaking MEDAL

It’s our 10th wedding anniversary today. If I took a moment to really think about it, there is a considerable chance that I would get a little … well … sappy, but I’m not going to take that moment here, now, because do you know what his request for a present was?

“I want a medal for putting up with your batshit crazy for ten years. MORE than ten years, in fact, counting all the time we’ve been together.”

And so, I am nothing if not obliging to his requests (when they suit me, at least), I am proud to say that is exactly what I got him!

Anniversary present

Granted, yes, the medal is one he has owned since 1993 when he topped his Year 10 Commerce class at Coonabarabran High School (belated kudos there, man), BUT, I threw in an extra goddamn trophy into the bargain because I am so loving.

And because I am so loving, I’m including our two favourite Star Trek weddings so he may watch them anytime he likes (which will be never, but I can dream).

Happy anniversary, Ad. Looking forward to the next ten. xx

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    COONABARABRAN HIGH SCHOOL?? Why of all the internetz in all the world, you had to walk into mine! Some of my family come from Coonabarabran, I spent many a school holiday there. It never ceases to amaze me that no matter how small and remote the place is, EVERYONE KNOWS SOMEONE FROM COONABARABRAN lol.
    Happy Anniversary xx
    Kelly HTandT recently posted..Wheat and Dairy Free: The H DiariesMy Profile

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    I too know someone from Coonabarabran. We lived for a time in Toorahweenah – a blink and you’ll miss it town in the vicinity. Anyhow – you got out of the anniversary gift cheaply.
    mumabulous recently posted..Who’s Who?My Profile

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