Whenever the moment comes to tear open that first box, anticipating the look of the books, their feel, trying to gauge all the emotions – I tell you, it remains to be quite an experience. I doubt it will ever be different – assuming this happens again – and I wouldn’t want it to be either.

So I took a moment…


… before beginning Phase Two: readying the orders.



Invoices, press releases, cover letters, padded postage bags, books … and Mildred Pierce on the television to keep me company as I work.

This is the part I do as the publisher, ahead of delivering the majority of the rest of the stock to the distributors later today.

It feels good. It feels productive – and I’ve not felt that for a while.


(A reminder that time to pre-order your copy, if you’ve not yet done so, is running out. The form can be found here!)


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