2012 Christmas Card Challenge

Those of you who are new to this blog this year might be wondering what the above means? Am I about to go on a stanley-knife-crafty-hot-glue-and-myriad-coloured-cardboard-card-making orgy?


First, a reminder of this year’s chosen charity.

Taken from my introductory post back in January:

I’ve been aware of The Starlight Children’s Foundation for years. A former work colleague was quite passionate about the Foundation and did a lot of volunteering for them and would often tell me stories of the smiles and wonder on children’s faces. In more recent times, I’ve been reading of their extraordinary work and impact they have on lives and families through the blog of my dear friend, Tiffany at My Three Ring Circus.

Now, the Challenge itself. I value and appreciate all readers of this blog and have done so for over six years now. This time of year is quite special to me in an humanistic, soul-tendering kind of way and so this is what I do: I send an email of seasonal greetings on Christmas Eve. Why an email instead of a card? Because for each email to each person I donate the price of an unused postage stamp. While this might not sound like much – it all adds up!

Which people get it ? These people:

1) Family members and close friends.

2) Every commenter on this blog since Boxing Day 2011.


So if you’re a lurker – speak up now! You’ll be doing your bit for this wonderful charity and all the work that they do. Thanks! Spread the word too, if you like!

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