3 Reasons Why I Buy Secondhand


  1. I buy secondhand because it’s hard to find decent vests in most stores I could afford.

    And ’cause I fancy strange footwear that I can’t seem to find anywhere outside of secondhand shops.

  2. As lovely as the second two reasons are, the first one would drive a lot of people. i know it’s a factor that drives me.
    You did teach me something, I wasn’t aware that clothes could be recycled once too tatty to be sold or handed down. I have a pretty epic box of rags in my garage that doesn’t need to be quite so large.
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  3. I buy second hand clothing for my girls because they prefer soft preloved fabrics.

    We also find the coolest clothing ever when shopping second hand.
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  4. I like to buy secondhand because I find vintage items from the 60′s and 70′s at really good prices. Plus, it helps the environment. If it’s still fit to wear, why not wear it? :)
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  5. Hi Karen, I have been buying secondhand clothes since i was 14 (i am now 46). We had no money growing up so if i wanted to look cool it was secondhand or nothing! But it was more than that too, the thought of looking ‘mass produced’ repulsed me and even then i knew that i shouldn’t be wasting resources when there are so many wonderful things available in secondhand shops. Of course now it is just ‘part of me’, money or not. I have so many fabulous things that i have collected over the years and i still do my bit to reduce my resource consumption. x
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  6. Three great reason to visit your local charity store. I grew up wearing hand-me-downs and I have a mother who keeps everything! It’s been great, now that I’m older, to keep some of her more iconic pieces for myself, but everything else has been shipped off to Vinnies. We were definitely a family who turned old T-shirts into rags, great for dusting!
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