Today is Motor Neuron Disease (MND) Global Awareness Day. What is that, you ask? Here’s some information from the MND website:

Every year since 1997, the International Alliance has celebrated 21 June as the global day of recognition of ALS/MND – a disease that affects people in every country of the globe.

June 21 is a solstice – a turning point – and each year the ALS/MND community undertake a range of activities to express their hope that this day will be another turning point in the search for cause, treatment and cure of this awful disease.

I’m sometimes hesitant to talk more about how this disease afflicted my father, his rapid decline and death, because in part I’ve talked about it already and I don’t want to repeat myself but yet at the same time I do want to talk about it because some readers might be new to this blog since February 2009 and some, I know, do appreciate the reminder; some people have been touched by this disease and in their grief and coping can take comfort in knowing I empathise entirely.

I don’t want to linger on sadness for sadness sake either. My father was an athletic man and enjoyed many sports. So in the spirit of that get-out-there-and-move mentality, I shall post the damn ugly photo that didn’t make the cut when I ran the half marathon last time. This was taken just after I crossed the finish line.



The horror, right? Oh, I know. Positively cringeworthy. Still, there are lessons that can be taken away from this picture. Let me list a few.

1) I have never run long distances in trackpants since that day because I invested in a proper pair of running skins. As far at the next Run Melbourne goes, I estimate the difference will probably be an improved recovery rate of about two days (because, touch wood, I won’t be sick that day. Unlike above). They do help a lot. Plus, people are still incredulous when I tell them I ran in trackpants (‘What? Really? Get out.’) Well, there’s not much to say to that, other than I was a noob.

2) I still prefer listening to music on my little shuffle over strapping my iPhone to my arm; although this time I do hope to get a few pictures along the way, so I might need to get over it.

3) I will buy a cheap cardigan that I won’t mind leaving along the road somewhere instead of taking one I wanted to keep and tying it around my waist once I got hot. It was annoying as it kept slipping off.

4) The headband may not be the sexiest thing around, but they do protect the ears. And it’s likely to be windy!


As today is MND Global Awareness Day, and I will be running to raise money for research, if you feel moved, or if I’ve embarrassed myself enough, you might care to pop over to donation page, here. Don’t forget, a donation over $10 will get you onto my tshirt – see here for more details.

If you want to have a laugh and read a kilometre by kilometre breakdown of the last half marathon, go here.

Thank you! x


Edited to add: Kevin Rudd also wrote about MND Awareness Day yesterday on his website.


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