Edited to add:

Look, guys, what happened over the weekend. Names! Fabulous names! And more than a hundred dollars added to the cause. 

This is why I love blogging. The running is hard, but the help is outstanding.




I’m supposed to be running a half marathon in a little over five weeks.

Um, first, how the hell did that come up so quick? Second – SWEET MERCY I’D BETTER START TRAINING AGAIN.

Also, remember last time when I talked about this and I was wondering about how I might be able to fundraise?

I’ve come up with the tried-and-true method of taking a Sharpie to a defenceless tshirt.

Twitter cares !

These ladies, and my sister, have gotten me off to a terrific start and I thank them with all my heart. They shall be on my back on pride of display to everyone else, as also mentioned in a round up post after all is said and done. (I just hope my back sweat doesn’t make the ink run!)

If you’d like to be on this list of awesomeness, it’s simple. For every donation I get that is $10 or more I will add your handle to my tshirt. That’s all. Simple! If you’re not on Twitter, I could perhaps add a Facebook shout-out instead.

Of course, you don’t have to be included on the shirt if you would rather let your kind action speak for itself. I bend to your will!

If you’d like to see my donation page, here it is.

And seriously, anything you could spare, anything you’d like to give, is gratefully accepted. Thank you x 


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