Kelley and I go back. Waaayyyy back. I remember when she first commented on this blog and I thought to myself, “I really like this woman. Plus, she knows good shoes.” It was about the same time when she told me she read American Psycho when she was pregnant. That sums Kel up to a tee – tough and smart. She is also one of the most well-liked bloggers in the blogosphere and always makes me laugh. Yes, I suppose that makes me her ‘biatch’ and I couldn’t be happier. 

She blogs at Magnetoboldtoo; Twitter; Facebook. Thanks Kel!

What first brought the concept of ‘blogging’ to your attention? Do you remember the circumstances? Or even the first few blogs you read?

I was in a yahoo group and a few girls were dabbling around with blogging so I thought I would give it a shot. I did like two posts and gave up, only to come back six months later and been blogging ever since. The first blog I read was lighteningonline (a friend from the group) and Pioneer Woman. Shut up. I wanted a wholesome houseworky kind of blog. Double shut up. I may just do it. Without the wholesome part.

Why did you decide to start blogging yourself?

I was bored. Plain and simple. I was sitting on a couch in Boo’s room for around six hours a night, by 11pm everyone I was chatting to online was in bed so I just wrote crap on the internet until Boo finally wore himself out.

In the beginning, did you ever feel that what you were doing was ‘weird’ or on the fringes? Did you get any negative reactions?

I STILL haven’t told anyone I know in real life. If blogging comes up it is always in a negative way… I just laugh and agree and walk away. Being pretty much anonymous is hard freaking work.

What were the best things about the Australian blogging community at the time? What were the worst things (if any)?

Best things were we were all about community and helping and supporting one another. There was no monetisation (Blogher ads yes, but hardly anyone had them) and really no rivalry. If you look back in my archives so many of the comments are well thought out and sparked conversation. Not like now where so many are ‘great post come and read mine’. I am lucky that a lot of my friends from that time are still around and my new online friends are so awesome.

When you look back at those early days – from 2012’s perspective – is there anything you miss?

The lack of competition that is around now. And the cattiness.

In your opinion, is the blogging community better now… or just different?

There are more people doing it for money. Once they realise that precious few actually make a living out of this they will either disappear or do it for the love. Like we do.

The rising influence of bloggers also has brought about a concurrent examination of money and power. Is there too much emphasis on the latter? Or is it justified?

A blogger only has power if they have respect. If a blogger – no matter how big or small they are – is known for just doing sponsored posts or going to events and plugging products their power is diminished no matter what their numbers are. However, if a blogger has a smaller but more engaged audience (eg double the pageviews to uniques) then they hold more influence with their readers and therefore more power. Their readers are more likely to take notice when that blogger says something is awesome, or crap however the case may be.

Where do you see blogging headed? Is it in a direction you like?

Bloggers being seen as publishers and writers is something I appreciate.

Will you ever stop blogging?

I quit the other day, remember?  Nah, probably not. It is my therapy and my playground. I love it and I love the people I have met and continue to meet every day.


This is day two of my Personal Blogging series of interviews. Yesterday featured Allconsuming.


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