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  1. Mrs Woog says:

    She is hands down one of my favourite ladies on the internets.

    Plus she is a total klassy laydee

  2. I’m enjoying reading these. As a blogging ‘veteran’ it’s interesting to hear other people’s takes on it.
    jen recently posted..I have some questionsMy Profile

  3. Ah Kel… the first post I read of her’s I thought ‘this woman and I have NOTHING in common’… not sure why I kept going back to her blog, but I did…. and am so glad I did!

    Loving this series Karen… :)
    katepickle recently posted..A Quick Biscuit Recipe Round-up.My Profile

  4. Love the idea of bloggers being seen as publishers and writers.
    Janine Fitzpatrick recently posted..Life Before ChildrenMy Profile

  5. I love Kelley too! What a great interview and fab idea for a series. More please!
    Maid In Australia recently posted..Wordless Wednesday: The trip TO the airport editionMy Profile

  6. Miss Kelley is one one my most favouritist bloggers eva. x
    Tina ~ Tina Gray {dot} Me recently posted..My living room was cleanMy Profile

  7. Awesome blogger… awesome post. What more can we say? ;)
    carmen recently posted..Who’s tough?My Profile

  8. Kelley is one of my favourites, love her humour and her heart. Some wise words there.
    Jayne recently posted..homework sucks, kill me nowMy Profile

  9. I’ve loved Kelley forever! When she first went off & blogged I was devestated as I was in that original yahoo group with her & lightning. Now I love her blog, but still miss some of the old yahoo group conversations.

  10. loving this series, brilliant. Kel is effing awesome sauce, her words breathe honesty and authenticity. x
    beth recently posted..Authentic Self PrintableMy Profile

  11. Being new to the blogging scene, its nice to read bits like this.. really inspires me! I’ve been following Kelley for a week or so now and I’m digging her style! xx
    Meagan recently posted..What time is it you ask ? OH, its RANT O’CLOCK !My Profile

  12. Kelley is a goddamn legend. Heart of gold, Spirit of a warrior. Calls a spade a spade and knows her shit.

    Wish more people had her balls. And ovaries.

    edenland recently posted..You Can’t Choose What Stays And What Fades Away.My Profile

  13. I remember discovering Kelley’s blog and then spending hours reading through the archives amazed at how awesome she was.
    Marita recently posted..The tapestry of lifeMy Profile

  14. Oh Kel,

    I remember the day I found your blog and I never looked back. What really cemented our friendship was the year our husbands both bought us wireless mice (mouses? Mouse?) for Christmas, oh and the chocolate chip cookies from KMart.

    YOU are the queen of blogging.
    tiff recently posted..My Wild Things.My Profile

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