A Birthday of Near Kardashian Proportions… Well, It Could’ve Been


  1. says

    Hippy bird-day two ewes, Keira :-) Love the cake, whatever it is!

    My E will be 7 in 3 weeks and she’s talked me into having an art party here at home. Thankfully my goddamn genius cake decorator friend came up with the cake solution to end all solutions:

    1. I bake a huge chocolate cake (OK, easy enough)
    2. We cover it with buttercream and white fondant (Still not too hard)
    3. E draws all over it with edible markers, creating her own artwork birthday cake without any fiddly cutting, shaping, piping, sticking, etc from me
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  2. Meg says

    I thought of Keira – glad she had a nice day :) We turned 9 here – scary how fast it goes (that’s my baby)! Nikki wanted a Pac-Man cake, which in hindsight probably would have been simple enough IF I had any baking skills whatsoever!

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