The amazing work of Guy Laramee – making carved landscapes out of books. Go to his website to see the rest.

This deliciously sarcastic blog post entitled ‘You’re Bored? That’s so AWESOME!‘ has some nice links to follow if perhaps you find yourself in a similar predicament one day.

I’d heard of the mosaic method of writing a novel before, but this was a new approach to me: the snowflake method (start with smaller ideas, then keep building on them).

A post that argues for writing down things by hand – which is my preferred way of doing things, so naturally I might be a little biased.

The Cafe Poet program is looking for a cafe poet downstairs from my work at The Moat  – a lovely space to be in. See?

The Moat

Also, the Emerging Writers’ Festival blog has some pretty interesting news and dates-to-save on there about the festival next month (next month!? How did that happen so quick?)


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