I knew it was going to be a tall ask, but I’ve been on the hunt for a bargain after the twenty-five dollar Alannah Hill dress I wore to the Aussie Bloggers Conference last year. Could I improve on that?

Turns out – yes.

I wore this to the Digital Parents Conference last week and I got it from Savers for $9.99. It is a size ten and is a little big around my shoulders, so I wore a black singlet underneath, just in case. I wouldn’t have wanted anyone to catch an accidental glance of side boob or anything.

Karen Andrews Minkpink

I’ve talked about MinkPink before – one of my favourite dresses is the one I wore in the November 2011 book vlog.

Ankle boots are years old, from Betts.

Photo by: Sarah White. Thank you Sarah!


This news has been out for a week now, so perhaps I’ll be the last the mention it on teh blogz, but I’ve been nominated as one of Kidspot’s 2012 Top 50 Bloggers. It’s a real buzz – I was also nominated in 2010 – and I’m among great company. What’s even better for you, dear reader, is that if you choose to vote for this blog you go into the running to win $5000. More details here! Clicking on the button below or in my sidebar will take you that step closer.




And now I shall be taking off for the supermarket to hop in line for ‘pre-Easter Friday stockup grocery shop.’


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