Holiday Time Is Here Again!


  1. Iceland. To see the Aurora Borealis and the lakes of boiling mud :-) Or maybe Antarctica. Aurora Australis, and breathtaking scenery, and quiet.
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  2. The maldives in a heart-beat, it’s been my dream destination for as long as I can remember! In the meantime though I’ll probably be holed up in my wardrobe with Max’s Easter eggs too ;)
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  3. Wow! So HAPPY. After the long wait, holiday is here again. Thanks God finally I can lay down all day.
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  4. So happy to here that. Finally holiday time is here again.
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  5. Rachael says:

    I would definitely go to Canada to see my old bestie and step kids who are so far away. I’d have to travel out east as my stepdaughter lives in Halifax now.

    • Another Canada answer! I’ve been to the west side, I’d LOVE to see the east and Prince Edward Islands etc.

  6. Japan. Particularly if it were right now, when the cherry blossoms are falling. my husband would yell at me that we already went there and our next overseas trip is supposed to be America, but Japan has always been this dream-filled wonerland to me. There were so many things I want to see again and so many things I didn’t get to see, like Iriomotejima and Okinawa and the one-year hour glass in the sand museum at Nima, we didn’t visit heart-breaking Hiroshima or the amazing sad dunes in Totori.
    Oh no… you got me started on Japan!
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  7. My bucket list destinations:
    I really want ot visit an Orangutan Sanctuary….Borneo??
    My other dream destination is Canada……..I will keep on dreaming
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  8. Rachael says:

    I must say Iceland has long been on my list too!

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