I smell, I’m tired, I’m quite badly sunburned (naughty, naughty, I know), and I could quite possibly be in bed before 8pm. We’ve been away with friends since Friday afternoon and it has been glorious fun. Riley had his sixth birthday up there – more on that later – but just look at the countryside. We went to the same place as where we went bush camping last time, but the difference in this case is I got photos! Decent ones!

camper trailer

We hired a camper trailer this time and it was well worth the money.


Riley having his birthday breakfast by the fire.





(You can see the edge of our camp city on the left hand side in the bottom photo.)

wombat hole

Wombat holes were all over the hillside. Didn’t see any though. Wildlife spottings: kangaroo, fox, cows, and an echinda.


Pretty purple thistle.


Evening necessity: a good fire.

More to come later, once I’ve washed and gotten myself sorted out.

I hope you all had a fine weekend! x


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