I’ve been feeling like I’ve needed to challenge myself to some sort of physical goal this year. This isn’t only because I’ve put on two-and-some-in-change kilograms since Christmas, although I’d be lying if I didn’t say that is a partial factor.

My personal trainer dumped me about a month ago. Okay, ‘dumped’ is a strong word, but it was done with a level of casualness that – frankly – was surprising. I thought I deserved a little more than a text message. But don’t worry I didn’t sit and stare at it, wailing whyyyyyy doesn’t she lliiiiikkkke meeeeee anymoreeee? Honestly, it was a bit of a relief and I’ll save heaps of money.

So the upshot is I’ll be attempting another half marathon in July without being shepherded through the training and conditioning like last time (boy, didn’t we see how well that went *sarcasm* A ‘Shit this Mum Says’ post aka 2010. Ahead of the CURVE ūüėČ)

I’ve said before how much I love the Run Melbourne event because you get to choose the charity you wish to raise money for and again I’ve picked the Motor Neuron Disease Association of Victoria, in honour of dad.

This is my fundraising page. Anything you could spare I’d really appreciate.

Part of me would really like to up the ante this year and hopefully find some kind of corporate support or sponsorship to try and get more money. I’m not too sure what I could offer in return. A funny costume, perhaps. Not too kinky or restrictive. Or, hell, maybe. Who knows. Maybe I’ll run faster.

Or remember that dress Lizzie Gardiner wore to the Oscars?

Perhaps I could fashion a business card holder of a similar ilk?

(Is that tacky, though? Is that crossing a line? IS THERE EVEN A LINE ANYMORE?!!?)

Suggestions, welcome.


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