Today saw me catch a dream run into Brunswick, even at the tail end of peak hour traffic on Alexandra Parade, and thanks to arriving early for a meeting appointment I was able to grab a coffee on Sydney Rd. Sitting in the cafe, as I am above, I watched the people go by until I had to go. Making my way up the street, passing all the chained up bicycles, young parents pushing prams and their divine cherubs within, a woman bumping her trolley laden with Aldi groceries over the tram tracks, almost getting stuck, I realised how much I missed this area. We used to live nearby(ish), not that we ever really made it this far west – we crossed the creek over to Thornbury for our shopping – and it was nice to be back.

A man, shuffling along, his face crumpled like a ball of paper, suddenly changed his speed. He walked right up to me, giving me a fright, and looked me in the eye to say, “Take care, okay, love?” before moving off.

“You too,” I said back after I found my voice, but I’m not sure he heard. I hope he did.


With work beginning next week, Adam and I have drawn up our battle plans for how the school runs and dinners and general shenanigans will go. This logistical hot-stepping will be a test, but its one families all over function (and thrive) on every day. Riley’s first week of school has gone marvelously, he’s been so calm and settled, and from this I can take my big breath and start this new journey too.


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