Her: I’m going to live a simpler life in 2012. Pare everything back to the essentials.
Him: Okay.
Her: Take more photos, too.
Him: MORE photos?
Her: More meaningful ones, anyway.
Him: Right.
Her: I need to remember to Instagram them more.
Him: Fair enough.
Her: And experiment with all the new frames and add-ons. And tag! I always forget that.
Him: Now it’s sounding… complicated again.
Her: And to send them to Facebook and Twitter and make sure they sync up where they’re supposed to.
Him: Right, because everyone needs to know what shade of nail polish you’re wearing.
Her: Shut up.
Him: And you can never have too many shots of your feet. Or your food.
Her: Are you mocking me?
Him: Never, dear.


Him: What are you doing?
Her: Oh, nothing.
Him: You took a photo of me, didn’t you?
Her: Maybe.
Him (taking the phone off Her, reading the caption): “#asshole #hungover #whydoIbother #photoadayy
Her: Well, you deserved it.
Him: You spelled the hashtag wrong in ‘photo a day’
Her: Dammit, now I’ll have to fix it!!!!!
Him: Hey, chill.
Her: I was typing too fast, my fingers mashed it twice.
Him: Yeah, it’s the simple life all right. You’re relaxing by the second. I can see it.
Her: I think I need to put the phone away.
Him: I think that would be wise.


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