A couple of hours ago I sent around the email to all the commenters for 2011, thanking you all for your support and contributing to the overall sense of community here at Miscellaneous Mum. If you have commented at some point over the year but didn’t receive the email, it might be an idea to check your spam folder. A few people have contacted me saying the email also contained a phishing warning and I don’t know how to explain that – perhaps it is the nature of the plugin to include it as a security measure given the potential it could have to be sent to so many people, depending on how it is used.

Anyway, in case you didn’t receive it, or you haven’t commented this year (for shame!) (just kidding) I am very pleased to add that this year the Christmas Card Challenge raised just over $240 for BeyondBlue, my Profits Pledge charity for the year.

This is our family, mere moments ago:

Family shot Xmas eve 2011

Thank you again, for everything, dear readers xxx

I’m off now to celebrate Christmas.

I will be posting intermittently over the coming week and into the New Year. If I don’t ‘see’ or talk to you before then, have a wonderful holiday break.


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