#NaBloPoMo – Two-Thirds Finished. Officially Tired.

I have a poem in the latest edition of page seventeen which was officially launched yesterday over at Watsonia Library.

I have a soft spot for it for several reasons, mainly being:

1) I wrote it about dad.
2) You can actually see an earlier version of it here. Yes, it is one of my blog poems. I think it underlines the point I often make about how posting creative work on blogs isn’t ‘wasted’ or a ‘going-nowhere’ venture. For some people blogging is it’s own reward – such as it is for me – but for others it’s not and that’s okay, but I would counter that just because it’s online doesn’t necessarily mean it’s finished or can’t be revised. You just never know what might happen and I’d just like to thank all concerned at page seventeen (Ashley and Beau particularly) for the inclusion.


Today is November 20th. A day signifying that #nablopomo is on the downhill stretch. I’m tired, I have to say. I’ve not done any #nanowrimo in a while; a situation I need to address this week.

Even more importantly, today is my mother’s birthday. Happy birthday, mum xx

If you are participating in NaBloPoMo leave your name and link URL for the day in Mr Linky. If you’ve blogged about your NaNoWriMo or PiBoIdMo experiences you are welcome to leave your link as well. Please only use the Linky for these reasons and a link back here would be appreciated.

I’m supporting Movember this month. Here is my fundraiser page.

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  1. says

    Happy birthday Karen’s Mum :-)

    I’m finding NaBlo relatively easy but starting to hit treacle with NaNo now – at 31,000 but having trouble pushing the story up the final major hill it needs to crest before the cruise to conclusion.
    Kathy recently posted..Sunday SelectionsMy Profile

  2. says

    I’ve also been focusing today on how it’s 2/3rd’s done. I am suprised, and proud in a way, that I’ve managed to post every day. I thought I’d fade, for sure. There’s been some days where I’ve not been sure how I’ll post, but then I remember they don’t have to be 1000+ word deep reflections every day. I don’t love the quality of my writing when I am banging stuff out so frequently, but I’ve enjoyed the rigour and routine.

    • Karen says

      Well done Jess. I particularly agree with, and recognise, your last sentence. I’m not too sure I could do a 1000+ post even on a good day! Few and far between 😉

  3. Laura says

    I am just getting started with NaBloPoMo. I don’t have much progress to show off yet but I am having fun and enjoying myself. I think your book is interesting. I would love to know your thoughts about your dad. Belated happy birthday to your mom.
    Laura recently posted..how to meet womenMy Profile

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