CUE dress

Today’s Thrifty Thursday isn’t so much a success story as another ‘buyer beware’ tale.

CUE is indisputably one of my favourite clothing brands to wear. For whatever reason it may be, their sizes, particularly the dresses, have always fitted and suited me. I can’t say the same for a lot of other labels, so it’s nice to have a failsafe. This is why I bought the above dress without trying it on because it was the size I usually get and figured I would be okay.

Famous last words.

It wasn’t until I went to wear it later when I realised something was off. My mother was visiting at the time and took a closer look at it. She discovered that a previous owner had done a pretty ordinary self-tailoring job, cutting all the way down the side to take it in and then once that was done failed to match the side seams when sewing it back together again. So! I have a dress that’s basically a size too small and looks a little wonky if you take a close look. I can fit into it, but it smooshes my chest flat in a way that’s not all that attractive. Mum and I might have a go at letting it back out at Christmas. Cross fingers we can save it! I was able to rescue this Zara Basic, after all (well, kind of).

CUE dress: $24.99 (Savers)
Shoes: Mine

Total: $24.99

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