Tokito dress

This Tokito dress came along just at the right time. I began and ended my month of Frocktober wearing it because, as all Melburnians know, just because it’s spring doesn’t mean it’s going to be warm. Its long sleeves and length are weather appropriate. Add onto this its deep v-neckline which for the reasonably busty woman, such as style-gurus Trinny and Susannah say, is flattering, so I’m happy. The only thing I don’t like is the black ribbon tie. It’s not really practical (I have to do a double knot to keep it in place) and I’m not sure it adds anything of value to the overall look of the dress.

The shoes have turned out to be a little perplexing. When I put them on I can’t decide whether they’re cute or… well… ‘old womanish’. What do you think?

Tokito dress: $14.99 (Savers)
Black shoes: $12.99 (Savers)

Total: $27.98

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