To those of you new to Miscellaneous Mum this year, my Christmas Card Challenge is something I’ve been running since 2006.

It began as a reciprocal greeting card bit of fun. Then in later years, in order to reduce my environmental impact, I decided to swap these greetings into email ones. I know this isn’t especially original – or fun, or traditional for that matter – but I felt better about it, especially when I added fundraising elements:

1) Family members receive an email. The unused postage fee gets donated.

2) For every person who has left a comment on this blog since the Boxing Day of the previous year, I also donate unused postage. They also receive a copy of the e-card via email. (I know, lucky them eh?!)

3) Then on Christmas Eve (Australian Time) I send out these e-cards with the grand total of money raised on it.

This year’s fundraiser is for my profits pledge for 2011: beyondblue

So now would be the perfect time to de-lurk! If you’ve been reading for a while, say hello! You’ll be doing your bit for a good cause!

That’s pretty much it. Other people have done their own Christmas Card Challenges over the years, and if this inspires you to do the same, do tell me!

If you are participating in NaBloPoMo leave your name and link URL for the day in Mr Linky. If you’ve blogged about your NaNoWriMo or PiBoIdMo experiences you are welcome to leave your link as well. Please only use the Linky for these reasons and a link back here would be appreciated.

I’m supporting Movember this month. Here is my fundraiser page.


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