Red Velvet Cupcake Recipe


  1. Yummy!
    Haven’t watched that movie in years. I remember fondly though how it features in an online quiz that we created on our computer.

  2. That red velvet cake from Steel Magnolias has always stayed with me, too! Mostly because it was an ARMADILLO. I for one welcome the red velvet cake to Australia. It definitely has a role to play in our fickle foodie scene… :)

  3. If you beat the butter and cream cheese together it will become paler.

    And look delicious, even to this non cake eater.
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  4. I’ve made red velvet cupcakes once before and my goodness were they a lot of work. But so tasty. Mine had vanilla frosting, which was perfect. Good luck on the one recipe a week challenge!
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  5. It’s true Red Velvet Cupcakes / cake is a fairly new idea for us Aussies I only discovered it a few years ago also. I’m sure your guests enjoyed them :)

  6. Mmmm delicious and now I want to watch Steel Magnolia’s again, preferably whilst baking red velvet cupcakes. :)
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  7. Totally love this recipe :)
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  8. Fortunato says:

    Looks delicious..I may baked this shared with my freinds..Thank you for sharinmg the recipe..
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  9. What a perfect combination! Steel Magnolias and Red Velvet Cupcake, makes me want to put on my apron and head straight to my kitchen and cook the recipe that you mentioned. Thanks for sharing the recipe, I would definitely whip up some red velvet cupcake for the family. Thank you!
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