Living List Tick – Hold a Snake


  1. Great photos, hope it was a lot of fun! I have the feeling it was.

    Now I’m pondering where you might have grown up, for I grew up in a Mid North rural town on the coast… And now as I once again live rurally, we deal with the snakes. Yesterday’s sightings: one black one, and one 2.5 metre diamond python. Who hopefully chased the black away.
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  2. HUZZAH!

    Glad you sat me with the purdy flowers and not the breast hungry snake.

    Next time I WILL be there my lovely.

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  3. The beads look nice hanging up like that Karen, it makes me happy to see them there. I like snakes and often go looking for them with the camera but I still have to consciously subdue that primal fear I have of them.
    Next time, I will be there. With bells on.
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  4. I used to love snakes and holding snakes. So many memories growing up as a kid. Who knows how my reaction may be today :)
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  5. Arghh I am petrified of snakes too! I grew up in Northern NSW in the New England area and snakes were everywhere. I wish I had if known about your meet up as I would have loved to come along. Next time! Congrats on facing your fear :)
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  6. You did amazingly well :)

    Thanks for having us-we all had a ball

  7. The fact that you grew up around adders makes you absolutely badass in my humble estimation, Karen. Wow, holy shit.

    And that is one large snake, by the way. Yowzah.

  8. your photos are beautiful! bit the snakes… i am afraid from snakes since i was a child. i often have nightmares from them. i find them terrible. maximum respect to you keeping one in your neck brrrr:)
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  9. Great photos! I love the first photo with the python though it looks really scary. Thank you for sharing your great stories. I enjoyed reading it.
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  10. Thank you so much for having us over it was lovely.

    You are so brave holding the snake, I was keeping up the back well away from the critters.
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  11. It was a great morning – thanks for having us!
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  12. I love Mum’s beads hanging up, they look great.

    Next time I shall be there!
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  13. A very nice shot! Thanks for posting!
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