Frocktober, Ovarian Cancer, an Author, and Me


  1. says

    OMG, Karen! I had no idea she’d died…. I’m a huge fan from way back and right now, am just flabbergasted…. I hadn’t been following her career lately, obviously, but I do love her books. She was such a brilliant writer… What a huge loss to the Australian writing community…

    A very close friend of mine died from ovarian cancer only weeks after my second son was born, more than five years ago now. We all thought she was on the way to recovery, but suddenly she got worse and passed away. I still miss her…
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  2. D.Paul says

    Personally, I’m not familiar Sara Douglass, but losing anyone is a terrible thing. But true to form, Karen, you managed to create a moving vignette of who this person was, and how she had touched your life. You shared with me a bit of her humanity, and I’m the better for it. Thanks.

    And on a less somber note, A) fun clothes! and 2) how great is the name “Frocktober?”

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