PAUW dress

This grey dress with angular folds by PAUW is lovely and warm to wear, making it perfect for Melbourne winters. Then again, I suppose it ought to be when it is a wool/cashmere blend. The wool factor might be ‘scratchy’ for some, but it’s never really bothered me when it comes to clothing.

Its belt is a little problematic: sliding out of shape, not cinching as well as it could. The black belt might prove to be an alternative that works, although I’ve yet to test it and see. I’ll stick with whichever looks best.


PAUW dress: $29.99  (Savers)
Belt: $0.90 (Local op-shop)
Betts Boots: (mine already)

Total: $30.89

Can you come up with a second-hand outfit that is thirty dollars or less? Do let me know! I realise I perhaps cheated a bit by coming in over $30, but it still has a 3-0 in the total so I’ll count it.


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